The French Laundry Part 3

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Video Transcription
I'm Mike Storm cybersecurity, distinguished engineer with Cisco.
We're back at the French Laundry to chat with Need, Cisco's cybersecurity sales specialist for an inside the oven. Look at the restaurants. I t Security Makeover. What was the some of the package? The the architecture that you installed here.
So we started off with the essay with firepower Threat defence appointment. Got that in place
once everything was ready to go there. We move forward with a cloud email security, proof of value as well, which also was successful. I would say it definitely was catching events and in fact, am when we dug into the reports and
I was able to block some malicious attachments that we're trying to come through the I was impressed with how
easy the set up waas and then how quickly I was able to start seeing that activity along. Do you think it took
once it was running for all of this visibility that we've been talking about to show up? Jeffrey, would you say a couple of days I'd say, within the 1st 2 days, we started seeing 50 to 60 events right away. These were attack attempts.
Absolutely. OK, Yes, we all sort of low the ransom where I don't have quite the horror stories that some people have fortunately, But we did have several users with machines that got locked out. Post firepower. I don't have to worry about that because I know that if I see an event, I can drill down into it really quickly and see
what device it is.
So I know what to dio for all of you out there. If you ever get infected with Ransomware, don't pay the ransom. The reason why you don't pay the ransom is only about 50% of the ransomware variants that we're seeing actually intend to give your data back. What would you say toe other customers out there that
that are worried about their current security posture? I would tell them Definitely. Look
at the A say with the firepower, I was able to take my first vacation without having to worry about answering my phone. Really? And how did it go? L It was wonderful. I didn't have to worry about any problems. That's value, folks. I have been very happy. Definitely was finger OK, this is going to be more visibility. But it went a step beyond that,
you know, giving me not more visibility but more information and definitely
blocking more than we were able to before, right? So you ultimately have more control of your environment. Definitely air operations or smoother.
You have less busy work, wasted time and you took a vacation at certification, right? Something worked out pretty well, actually. Planning another vacation with this amazing blue door, I have to say. Yet another parallel gives us a great opportunity to close this out. And
congratulations again on the contest. Really so glad that you're happy with
the services and with the value that you receive from Cisco Security? Definitely. And thank you very much. It's been a wonderful experience, and it's been great seeing the technology first hand. Thanks for joining us at the French Laundry for another Cisco Security makeover. It's clear Cisco knows no bounds when it comes to helping businesses big and small. Whether it's a medical office with HIPPA compliant data,
a large organization protecting lots of personal data
or even ah, high visibility business with a strong reputation to uphold, Cisco is always on the scene,
keeping business safe across the globe. One customer at a time
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