The French Laundry Part 2

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Video Transcription
I'm Mike Storm cybersecurity, distinguished engineer with Cisco, and welcome to another edition of Cisco's I T. Security makeover.
The mission today meet with Jeffrey Wilson, the French Laundry's I T manager. Cisco help to guide his installation of a complete ransomware defense solution, including on S a 55 100 with firepower, threat, defense. Let's check in with him, see how it's going.
I want to compliment you on how neat and tidy this arrangement is and to know that they only put in that device. So it was already like that It had nothing to do with over. We want this to look a tidy. It has anything else within the company. And
one of the very important things is appearance. I mean, I want Teoh be able to have even Chef Keller open it up and be like, OK, Jeff, it looks good. Yeah, move on. Yeah, you know, somebody like a chef is very visual, you know? Look at what's on the plate. How good it looks. Yeah, fortunately, help to explain that what we're seeing
in FMC with your whole network
seeing everything right. It was impressive. Yeah, I was. I was surprised to see that much, but it's really nice to see I like how it's pretty straightforward. There's a few graphs, and there they just break down quickly. Usually, yeah, who's using the most and where it's going. It's been really helpful.
Yeah, that toe have that much data
without a footprint on the in point. It's huge right to the fact that it can gather that much. It's amazing, right? Just letting you know where your mobile devices are. Let me know where your network devices are. I mean, it's very cool. It was a complete shift in how I saw and thought about this as it started to show me that. OK,
there are things here that I wasn't even really aware of as we do these make overs around the world.
One of the things that we're finding is a really consistent theme is even the smallest company data value that you know what they're storing is justice valuable to an attacker as some of the big banks or big health care organizations. So tell me a little bit about the kind of data that you're protecting, you know, I think the biggest thing would be customer data, you know,
something as simple as an email address of the guests. We gotta protect even that.
What about intellectual property? Recipes is probably the biggest. Next to that would be things like manuals and operations. After checking out the server room, I couldn't wait to finally get inside the kitchen, the bustling heart of the whole operation a lot going on here. It could be really busy in here. Yeah, and it's
There's a lot going on a lot of different people in here doing a lot of different activities in preparation for the meal
you got pastries, sauces, everything that's involved with. So you know, they're all working in tandem with each other. Yeah, coordinated really well. Sometimes you have to communicate much with each other. They know what they jobs are due. For all the received chaos, everything is orderly. Could certainly see the commitment to excellence.
A lot of parallels there between Cisco security and our commitment to the customer
customer success. There's so much going on behind the scenes, you never wanna have to do it all at once,
and I thought servers were allowed.
We stepped outside to find some peace and quiet.
Well, I'll tell you. That was That's something going on in there. I mean, to an outsider who's not used to, You know, that kind of activity, it almost seems like controlled chaos. It could kind of seem that way, but it's definitely orchestrated and precise. Each person knows exactly what they need to do, and they do it well and they do it quickly.
Very similar with the new capabilities in the makeover looks like chaos, but it's actually very orchestrated and very controlled that every piece as a function
knows exactly what it's doing and ends up being high efficacy.
I gotta ask the obvious question. So you're the I T. Guy for the French Laundry. Do you eat here? I wouldn't call it eating. It's more of an experience. Okay, one. Those things you put on your bucket list. Check off up. Next on the menu, Jeffrey and I will meet with Niloy, Cisco's cybersecurity sales specialist,
for a full recap on the French laundry's I T Security makeover
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