The French Laundry Part 1

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Video Transcription
I'm Mike Storm cybersecurity, distinguished engineer with Cisco, and welcome to another edition of Cisco's I T. Security makeover.
We're heading to the French Laundry, a world renowned free Michelin star restaurant in the heart of Napa Valley. It's a fancy as a meal can get. And, of course, I'm dressing the part minus the tithe jackets. Okay, we're ready to roll. Here we go.
Hey, I'm Mike Storm. Jeffrey Wilson. Welcome to the from Sandra. My great to be here. So tell me about this legendary restaurant, the French Laundry. Originally back in the 18 hundreds was actual laundry facility where they washing clothes. After that, a couple of owned it, turned it into a restaurant with Chef Keller purchased it from them and continue that tradition.
So I understand you want a contest for I t. Security Makeover? Did we?
One the s a security appliance along with Umbrella and AMP. Trials tested out. We've been using that for last three months now. Very cool. Been really impressed with the software and the hardware and been really happy with it s. So how often do you win? Stuff like Never, ever is like winning the lottery for me. We'll love Teoh. Take a look at the restaurant. Can we look at it?
You know they're getting ready for service right now. I could show you a little bit later so we can go talk, text, take a look around.
So when you said we had to chat somewhere else, I had no idea it would be a place like this. This is the French Laundry Culinary Garden. So they grow about 80% of produce in the restaurant for meals right here. What was the number one thing that you saw
Post Makeover? That That was a huge difference from what you had before part that stood out to me the most. Waas
seen individual devices on the network and then being able to see where the traffic was going. This device is going to Facebook. Those devices going to Google, this device is going to apple and so on. A lot of folks don't even consider the fact that,
you know, in the digital age, we're doing so much more with devices that can have access to the network. A few different unique challenges that the French Laundry brings
the video conferencing that we have in our kitchen. Okay, connects us to our restaurant per se in New York. We have our wine list on iPads get brought out to the guest. So those air on the network all the time. What did you have to do to those units? For them to become visible?
I don't do anything at all. Plug the A s a n into the network, and it started to see everything. So the firepower services used fire site went out, detected everything pulled back all the client information passively, local APS, all that good stuff. And
now you've got full visibility. I definitely see better at night, that's for sure. Very good. Yeah. So what keeps you up at night now? Worrying about you know, who's gonna call me with printer problem with the printer problem. Non security issue, cause you knew everything, right? Do everything very well. You know, I'd love to see what they installed. Should we go take a look at the
Yeah, So let's go take a look at the rack. Okay. Sounds good.
Join us for the second course is we take a look at Geoffrey Server and get it behind the scenes taste of the action inside the French laundry kitchen
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