The Evimetry Persistent Cloud Agent

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39 minutes
Video Transcription
welcome to Advanced Elementary Forensic acquisition. Today, we're gonna do Dong Galis Cloud and persistent cloud acquisitions, so hold onto your pants.
All right. Um, lastly, there's ah. So the method that we just did the cloud agent Azaz you saw from the my of metro side is meant to be a temporary solution, right? You no good for a little bit. And then times out and you can't use any more. Um,
a metric also offers a persistent cloud agent on the persistent cottage and works the same as the cloud agent
is just licensed for permanent deployment. So if you had a, uh, enterprise cloud domains and AWS or azure JBs, whatever it was, um, and you want to be able to do collections, you know, right away, Um, and just have ah permanent instance. Therefore, they you could fire that instance up,
Kick off the cloud the persistent cloud agent. Go ahead and acquire whatever you needed to and, you know, translate often. Shut it back down. Ah, great whale handle Instant response or forensics for things like that. An enterprise cloud environment
on there's little picture how it works. Persistent cloud agent would just sit there on your cloud. VM just like what we just did. And it just sits there permanently. Um, you know, license and waiting for that. So I don't have to go through the temp licensing process
again. Not part of the standard license you have tow Teoh talk to have met Tree about the persistent cloud age licensing, but a great way to do it. If you're dealing with an enterprise situation,
all your blue team guys out there definitely the way to go.
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