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In this lesson, Subject Matter Expert (SME) Kelly Handerhan discusses ten qualities of the successful Project Manager. The discussion includes some of the soft skills that are important to a Project Manager's success. The ten qualities discussed are: 1. Inspiring a Shared Vision 2. Being a Good Communicator 3. Having Integrity 4. Demonstrating Enthusiasm 5. Demonstrating Empathy 6. Demonstrating Competence 7. Having the Ability to Delegate Tasks 8. Being Cool Under Pressure 9. Having Teambuilding Skills 10. Having Problem-Solving Skills You will learn to: - be aware of non-verbal communication - make eye contact - respond to the person you are talking with - avoid outside distractions when communicating with someone - be a good listener - know which communication medium fits which situation - keep your word - encourage fairness and transparency - convey a buy-in to the work you are doing Handerhan explains: - how empathy is different from sympathy - the need to have confidence in your team - the importance of not being afraid to delegate - the importance of never letting them see you sweat - that there must be comfort, trust, understanding, operability, and cooperation among and between team members - conflict resolution skills - the importance of creativity and of having a fresh creative response to opportunities

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