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all right,
so we've talked about the tears and cos I fell in there After talking about the tears, we wanted to get back to you and talk a little bit about the technical skills that you might need. Toe Enter the sock analyst career path, and you may enter at a mid or higher level based on your previous experience. And here's some information that we wanted to share no matter where you are
in your process.
And you can, of course, take a look at the tech skills that are listed here. There's obviously lots of great information on Cyberia as well about other technical skills that you may need to have.
Um, specifically, What I wanted to talk a little bit about is the last bullet point
these air specifics that we want you to look at technical skills that include Seymour Sim. Some people call it seems some people quality. It's fine SQL or sequel T c P i p c N c plus plus penetration and vulnerability testing. This is a big piece that we want to cover here in the presentation that we want you to be aware of
and familiarity with multiple operating systems. You know, on the network nowadays, it's not just a Windows network. It may include other devices that are attached. Okay, Windows, UNIX, Lennox. Okay,
so let's keep moving.
Uh, lovely slide, something that we want to spend some time on and have the guys she other feedback on as well.
Certifications. So certifications or something that typically with cyber people, are pursuing.
We know this to be true. I t. It's the same us as well.
And if you're looking to become a sock analyst, you want to start with security Plus to get your foot in the door. That's a good basics certification to consider. And then you want to take a look at the more advanced options, including the Conte, asserts the EEC counsel certain the Seat CH for two certified ethical hacker and the Ice I s C two
certifications that are listed
and inside
the stock analyst Career path. It's Library, which is part of the inside of pro program.
You do get an opportunity to prep for all of the county asserts that are listed there. You also, by the way, have accessibility to vouchers that give you discounts. If you're ready to take your exams. You can also schedule your exams through side. Very. So we try to make that easy.
So, Shannon Mark, I'm gonna bring this back to you and Shane. I'll start with you. Can you talk a little bit about the curriculum and how it prepares you for certification? So just obviously specifically the stock analysts curriculum
and how it gets you ready to do the sorts that are listed here?
Yeah. No, No problem. Thanks to you. Um,
yes, as a slide. Um, those looking for a direction to go for? From a certification standpoint, security plus is always a pretty solid way to start. That's your
foundational certification for, you know, just being able to talk cybersecurity intelligently.
The sock analyst career path for interested in any asserts on this slide, the stock analyst Career path will prepare you
starting at the entry level, kind of how to prep for any of these. So going through that course, um, again, coming out of that, any of the county or it would be pretty healthy to look at coming out of the stock analyst career path. But then, from there, you can
branch off once you have all that foundational knowledge to obtain
any of the more advanced certifications again? Is Gina mentioned there are belter discounts available for majority that come t asserts right now. So it's something definitely beneficial. Take it, Bannen. Jobs,
the C y s a plus certifications a newer one through palm Tia, uh, certified
security analyst is something to show that
you understand the all aspects and the stock analyst career past. That's usually a decent one to take coming off of a specific career path.
Just the kind of highlight your skills. And surely you have that knowledge set that specific certification that specific area. Then again, from there, you can always branch off and go to some of the more technical in high level. Sir, it's also listed on this slide.
Beautiful. No.
So mark your feet, Bacchus. Well, on the Certs and the content, the curriculum within the stock analyst, career path, Any thoughts you could share with us?
Yeah. Thanks, Gina. So when you look at the certifications here and kind of look what Shane said,
you know, when you're on the sockets career path, you were getting a lot of the continent starts. We're having EEC counsel service
and with where I work, one of the things that that screams louder than
degrees anymore. Especially we kind of get your foot in the door. Any certifications Now with the D. O. D 85 7 you have to have a security plus. And that's one of the things that you know once you get hired on your six months to get it. But if you have that already, I mean, that's less of a worry. They have toe, have you to get your foot in the door, possibly past.
So I mean, the more stuff in the more certifications that you could get, prepare yourself
profitable into the job market makes you that much more.
You know, it makes you stand out more amongst all the other people.
Certified ethical hacker is the great entry level, sir, for me, See, counsel, especially if you don't get the sake. Analysts are gonna go through some of the up the career pass. It leads on toe bigger and better things,
It's just, you know, with the with the quick doing that that cyber is set up for the sake of his career path.
You're gonna hit all these so much for it's gonna prepare you
for the real world, for the jobs. And when you know,
employers are starting to come. Look, you know, cyber is where they're gonna go and that this is such a great program, and it everything speaks really well and lines up with everything that you steering. And like I said, we're excited to be ableto help Everybody kind of work through their past.
beautiful. Thank you so much for the feedback on that.
so, Certs, think about Surks.

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