Video Description

In this module we examine the typical CTI analyst role and the CKC. The shorter tactical timeframe dictates that the analyst spend a good portion of his/her time chasing down leads on suspicious behavior. This in turn informs the incident response process. The analyst must examine alerts from multiple sources and then use this data to determine which rise to the level of actionable incidents. It's also vital that good lines of communication are open for the sharing of data and notification. Analysts must be aware of the risk associated with attribution and the tendency for cognitive and confirmation bias to exist. This means that the analyst must not be stuck in a predetermined way of thinking and be open to considering alternative possibilities. The video concludes with an overview of the seven steps of the CKC. We'll take a deep dive into the CKC in a later module.

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Intro to Cyber Threat Intelligence

Module 8 - Tactical Threat Intelligence Requirements

Module 12 - Summary