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Terminal Access Controller Access Control System (TACAS) This lesson covers Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Plus (TACAS Plus). TACAS is a CISCO proprietary system utilizing transmission control protocol (TCP). In TACAS, the entire authentication packet is fully encrypted and allows us to set up our own CISCO independent servers and databases.

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so secondary to our radius. We also have tax plus tax stands for tunnel access Controller access control system. And it is a Cisco proprietary Cisco retire proprietary Triple A system using TCP. So rather than using UDP,
which is are you deserve data grand protocol, which is a which is not a guarantee delivery protocol. We used TCP transmission control protocol, which is a guaranteed receipt on delivery prototype protocol. So with tax plus are another difference between
taxes. Plus versus our radius is that rather than just encrypting the password, tak, it's plus encrypt our entire authentication packet. So Radius Justin Crips are pat password in our packet tax plus encrypt our entire authentication packet
with taxes. Plus, because it's just Cisco proprietary were
going to be setting up our own Cisco Independent servers, databases, triple A servers, different components that are compatible with this Cisco proprietary set up. So we need to understand that if we're using that in our network, then we may be a limiting. We may be limiting ourselves to certain hardware
and limiting ourselves certain protocols,
but it just depends on what we need to utilize in our network and may depend on if we need to use that UDP or TCP or for desperate for having that entire authentication packet fully encrypted.
So, just as closing for our tactics versus a radius. Typically we would either have radius or tax and an environment. You wouldn't be implementing them both. At the same time, you won't have a wireless access point that is authenticating UV A radius and tax plus. It would typically be
either authenticating UV, A radius or authenticating UV attack. It's plus
whether it's tax plus or whether it's radius weaken. Decide between these two. Decide between our two options and decide which we want to use for our authentication, authorization and accounting service is.

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