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Video Transcription
All right, Ken. Pressure back on you. Story time. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Story time. So I'm gonna actually tell three
they're gonna sound exciting by the title, so but they're not necessarily exciting. So 1st 1 is gonna be cable Land us. A second one's gonna be help desk ninja. And then the 3rd 1 is keyboard assassin. So? So I'll tell you the stories. They're all from the exact same company. I work for a way, way back in the day during the dot com boom s some kind of dating my there. But that's okay.
Eso Let's start off with cable and you say so. Basically at this dot com, we moved into a new building,
and due to our great planning, no one decided to label the switch to each port that we're having a user use. So as he s the low man on the totem pole After we moved everybody in, I got to be the nice guy that went around basically unplugging people
saying, Hey, is that the one? No, I'm still able to access stuff and just put pulling cables and giving people
screaming at me as I labeled everything. So I took about three days of exciting fund. We finally got everything labeled and that you know, of course, they moved into a new building, like, you know, three months later. But at least that building was labeled. So, like I said, not not overly exciting, but definitely something that it's assist admin. You may end up doing something like that.
Now to help out the networking team.
Next one helped s ninja. So before you start, you sent me the title for this story. What? Yesterday? Two days ago. I've been excited to hear this story ever since I saw the time. It better be good. Oh, well, uh, it does have good components. Eso eso in that new facility. So again, the same company.
There was two entrances. So the main entrance said everyone used.
And if anyone on this street today has worked as a help desk in any capacity, you know that if a user sees you, you're gonna get pulled into something you wanted to get to your desk. So I found that out pretty early on in the process. After a couple weeks of, like constantly, you know, taking my four hours to get to my desk in the morning.
So there was another interest. The stairs where sometimes the key would work. Sometimes it didn't. So it's kind of a 50 50 mix there. So
thing with the stairs is you would walk up them and there was like, this little open area before he got up to the help Best part where the user's down below could see you.
And so what I did is I try to be sneaky, you know, on like somebody saw, like, part of my shadow on they started bringing my phone. And so I did like a roll from that open area, like I did like a little ninja rule to my desk. Essentially, Like I said, it didn't work because someone had seen me. But that was kind of my my ninja aspect there
trying, trying to get the desk and be hidden.
You know, it was another thing where again, anyone that's experienced this, we had to put a door in place because people kept coming up saying, Oh, my printer's not working, etcetera. So again, like I said, it's not the most exciting stories, but somebody actually, As a note, that's actually a useful note for managers or people who who are involved in planning spaces.
I know open concept offices were big thing. We actually have one here in cyber.
But one of the reasons why I t tendons toe have their own offices, actually, because of the fact that people will just wander in
and try and get things done outside of the order. So I kind of isolated. I don't say Don't say isolate your I T.
But give them a place where they can control ingress and egress. That way, people are encouraged to use one of the ticketing system, whatever the standard processes to keep them from from stealing all of the time away from your I T department. Because Ken's right, if a user sees you, that's your whole they go. Yes, you know, and it's Joe mentioned. It's usually kind of trivial task that you'll get pulled into Oh, my
printer's not working or something,
whereas the piercing could be working at something more beneficial to the company. So that's that's why we have the ticketing system, things in place to try to curb that stuff so we can kind of prioritize things.
All right, so now we're up to keyboard assassin Thes titles are great, by the way, that the actual story isn't exactly eso keyboard assassin was actually an executive at that same dot com. Very stressed out Gentlemen, I won't mention his name. I don't even know if he's still around his very elderly at that time, so
way Don't know. Some people live forever,
but anyways, he called me and it was It was after hours. I mean, it was probably six or seven at night. I happen to be there late. He called me in Kelo. My computer's not working is frozen up on. So when he called me on the phone, I was like, Okay, cool. You know, I'll come take a look at it. I came in there to it, looked at his laptop, and this gentleman was literally punching
the keys off a cz. I walked in. I said,
You know that He's kind of like, What are you doing? You know, he's like, it's not working, you know, like he's red in the face, you know, screaming and hollering at this thing. Uh, and so I came up. It was back, you know, back in the day, it was older laptop, but I just came up. I I said, Okay, I'm just gonna take the battery out, you know? And they were just gonna basically reboot this thing. You know, we're just gonna do cold boot on it.
He's like, I don't understand what that means. He kept hitting the keyboard.
Uh, I just got it gently, gently took the, you know, and again, going back to what Joe said about having patients with end users are just gently took the laptop. So, you know, just take a look for a second. You nice. I slid off the battery. We bring it back up, It worked, you know, save the file he was working on. So he was happy. We did have to image a new laptop, of course, and get him, You know,
a new one, because it was missing a lot of keys, but he just punched the nonsense that a Yes.
So just a four warning. You may see user's doing that type of stuff, Especially if they're very stressed out. So again, just kind of want to tie that one in with patients. You know, we have to have that with end users and again At the end of the day, they're not really mad at you. Well, they might be, But mostly they're not mad at you. They're mad at the situation that's going on.
I t is in a lot of ways. That customer service profession. Yes, it doesn't seem like one. You know, you're not selling stuff,
but at the same time, you are dealing with users who are going to, you know, depending on your word and how you want to describe their users. Going to feel entitled to your service is they're gonna feel like they own your time. They're gonna feel like, you know, because they are the revenue generator for the company. You should give them attention, and to some extent there's There's some validity to that. But you have to be capable of sort of behaving as a customer service person
to be successful in i t. And especially as this is that.
All right, so that was story time. Hopefully give you a little break from all the slides. Justo, tell you a little bit about the world and give you a little more personal experience
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