System Administration Part 1

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4 hours 21 minutes
Video Transcription
So what are we gonna be doing today? What's the purpose of this course? Well, we're gonna learn what a system administrator actually is again. If you saw her first video, you know that it is a huge point of frustration for a lot of people in this field that not all recruiters necessarily know how to describe the jobs.
There's a lot of confusion. There's a lot of job openings that don't look the same as job openings with the same title.
So we're going to kind of give you a good definition of what is this? Admin is what they do. Learn how you can become one with the process of becoming a sys. Admin is what life is like. We're gonna discuss a few of the tools who uses a sys admin. We're gonna do some pretty simple demos of those just to give you a little bit of familiarity, make you aware of what they what they look like and how they're used
in order to succeed in this today's about hour and 1/2 long course, What you need is a computer, some technical literacy and the willingness to be here. So if you're already on this video, you have all of the things you need in order to succeed in. That's the beauty of an inter level course. You don't really need a whole lot of background. You don't need a whole lot of information. As long as you are here and willing to learn, we're gonna make it happen.
Now, if you're
whether or not you're allowed to be here is a different question of whether or not this is the best use of your time. So this course is very focused on introduction. So are you new to the field of I T? If yes, Then you're in the right place. Are you trying to better understand the role of assist at it? Yes. You're in the right place. Are you one of the following again? Recruiters, We love to have recruiters on these videos
because that helps you make our industry better.
And it also helps us find our jobs more easily in the future. If you're a manager or a job seeker trying to better understand the situation, great. We want you to be here. And if none of those apply to you But you really enjoy listening to Ken and I talk about his cat. We're gonna do that a lot today. So great news is And if none of those apply, we're here for you.
Exactly. You know, and and I like to think the last one's the most important Absolutely. It's essential. It's the only way to succeed. Yes, the only supplemental materials for today. I'm going to be using Windows 10 p.m. You don't need to be using one. This is her little along
or we would put that out ahead of time. But I'm gonna be popping over into
this V m here in just a little bit. We're gonna do some tool demos with it, and then these slides which are available for download during and after the course.
We will add some instructions on the back of the slides as to how you can download the Windows 10 p.m. And how you can play around with it. What's really awesome about Microsoft's actually provide free VM is for people who are working on development or trying to build APS for Microsoft.
They have limited licenses you can't do them for you can't use them for a lot of stuff, but they are free windows like or free Windows VM is that you can use to kind of play around with,
so I'll provide you download details in the slides. After the course, you'll be able to use that to play with these tools a little bit.
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