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Hello, everybody. Welcome to the summary of this course. You're probably bored to death of me talking about carpet and all the concepts. All congratulations. You've reached the end of the course, So you should give yourself on applause for, you know, burning with me till leanna this off course.
So, uh, let me give you a brief summary off each demanded we saw during this course, you know, carpets asking 19 million concepts.
This was our first lesson, you know, defining a business context. We talk about how you up, you know how to business. Operating in the same line, like, for example, to different banks will have different needs, will have different stakeholders will have different, different and regulations will have
different everything
Even if they're in there again in the same business line, It doesn't mean that carving you will,
you know, implement covered in the same way
So we saw covet as an I T governess framework covered information owners and custodians, you know, separate governance for management One cuff principal remember, covet system principles and covet a framework principles.
Ah, oui, oui. Denser, coveted object ibs which you know, introduction, core motile design concepts and goals.
I remember just going back from sorry once, like the goals this, that we have business goals and Lyman goals, which we talk about that in the next sessions, how each process actually helps or lines or, you know, helps in any way
to achieve the Enter Brussels in their Lyman Golds
and also the business schools as well.
We saw governance and management, you know, performance manage management, introduction capability, concepts, maturity, concepts this conscious were split in newer versions of covet because, you know, capability and maturity. We're used to, you know, kind of
be the same concept, and they were both used to measure
processes. But now we measure processes and the enterprise as natural as well
and managing performance off the governance system and how to create a tailor Governance in management system
implemented carpet you know, it's the structure. Didn't you followed in the governance and management operatives on the components, the implementation road map and the government's workflow?
And then we saw the detailed guide on this this word, the lessons that I bored you to death as well. And let me apologize for again. Um, I just wanted to give you all the all the ammunition you needed to pass exam and, you know, emphasize on each process so you can actually
see that you need to learn those process and how each process
integrates in the coverage framework and how which process actually helps to chip the business goals. The alignment golds in the press calls. So we saw, you know, evaluate direct the monitor and allying plan unorganized built, acquired an implement,
deliver service and support and finally monitor, evaluate and assess.
Then we saw a case of study introduction in background implementation of tribute to sentimental algae finance and recommendations. Remember, it was a very generic case study because of the end. What's the first thing you need to do to implement covetous contextualized? Your business? I see the business context. So
is you know, again, if you're in business one it will. You know, even though you're implement, covet, it will not the same for business too.
Even if they're in the same business lines like to banks to know telecommunication, business, whatever.
So thank you. You guys. Thanks for bearing with me. Thanks for, uh, you know, having patients on some on some of these lights. I know this course can be, you know, maybe overwhelming with all that. The concepts that we saw on that carpet, Haas.
But believe me, I tried my heart or my best
to make it as fine as possible. Maybe failing to do so.
Police Police Contact me. I have received several message for you from you from those who saw the penetration testing cores that I have uploaded in Sai Berry. And also from from you guys off. We saw the I t. Security. Of course, that I have again uploaded in cyber re.
Ah, but yeah, you can imagine how awful feeling
is to receive messages from you saying that you saw the course and also place briefly to tell me what you didn't like about the course. Maybe you wish I could mention something else or I don't know, whatever you didn't like. But the course, please feel free to do is to contact me as well. I do. Go on. Twitter and Instagram.
You know what's miss? That's my name.
I don't I'm gonna give you that. I don't just treat her as much as I should be. But I promised I wouldn't Christmas activity and trader you know, those are personal accounts. I just You know, if you want every child and, you know, maybe hang out, be friends are, you know, play BTO games or whatever I'm open to do so So please feel free to
to follow me on Twitter or Instagram and Conta me unlinked Inc.
Well, again. Thank you, guys. I think for barrel mate. Thanks for listening for listening for taking the time to take the course. Ah, shut out to the cyber team for, uh, you know, making an amazing job off, you know,
helping it in for a SEC community too.


This COBIT 2019 training course will prepare students to successfully attain the COBIT 2019 certification. Students will learn to implement governance and management concepts within organizations to help minimize the gap between business and IT.

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