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any recommendations for I t job seekers, not in metropolitan areas besides relocating you. Yeah, you. Yeah, I'll hop in this one. So you've got to think outside the box. So if you're not finding,
you know, like basically look at your area. So if there are no i t jobs at all, like what else? What other jobs are there? Are there project management jobs you can jump into and get some experience, And then from there, you know, get your foot in the door and get some You know, I t work involved in that.
Like, what else is there out there, you know, and sure if you don't want to relocate honestly, sometimes you have to you know, sometimes you have to be willing to
Some companies will, you know, pay for relocation depending on who's usually larger companies. Sometimes they'll allow tell work for a little bit while you you relocated whatever, but yeah, I mean, I think you need to be flexible. A ce faras your approach like if you're looking. Hey, I just wanna be a penetration tester. That's the only job I want.
You're in a small town. You're probably not gonna get it, especially if they have no experience in you mentioned. So I think you just
be willing to find that job. That may not be exactly what you want, but well, that will get your foot in the door at a particular company.
And that's why I want to stress sort of, You know, when you're when you're getting started in a new field, even a field with explosive growth like cyber security. Ah, lot of times you're gonna have to make some sacrifices. You're gonna have to accept a little bit of pain, a little bit of challenge in order to become successful. Uh, you know the example that I always get when we talk about sort of trying to match your work desires with your living situation?
I've mentioned on this dream before. Actually, my wife lives in Philadelphia
because that's where basically all of our friends, everybody lives. But because of the fact that most of the Cyrus here to work is here in D. C. I actually stay in D. C. During that we can commute back on the weekend. So things like that that aren't necessarily optimal situations but are manageable for, you know, a period of time. You're just Sometimes you're gonna have to make sacrifices like that.
That said, it is possible to find I t. Jobs. If we're saying, you know,
we get out of this visibly security in pen testing world we're just talking about i t I would echo Ken's advice of think outside the box and really consider who needs i t service is in your area. Ah, lot of cases. What you're gonna find is that you know, if you're talking about an auto body shop, they probably don't need a full time I key staff.
But they do need help them set up their system, set up. They're paying. You know how they're doing their card transactions,
manage all that and control all the access to make sure that they're not getting in trouble For leaking client data on the Internet,
you'll find that you know small like mom and pop grocery stores. Things like that don't have the time or money for a full time. I t staff, but do need someone to perform that sort of same operation for them. So a lot of cases what I found for I t professionals in small towns or in areas that air,
maybe not quite as plugged in technologically is instead of trying to work for a single organization is working as a general contractor, a general contractor and working for a lot of different organizations that wants a sort of dividing your time between them. That's gonna be one of the best ways you're able to kind of create your own role.
And that's something that when you're talking about becoming successful in any career field,
it is always better to create a role than to just look for one. There's there's a lot more control. There's a lot more initiative that you take for it, and just in general it means that you're going to beam or invested in what you're doing and generally more successful at it.
I always recommend if you can create a role instead of just taking one
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