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we're actually just This is our summary review videos or we're gonna be doing a mailbag. We're gonna do a quick sort of overview of the things we discussed and the career paths just sort of ah, general reminder of what we've covered in this course. And then we're gonna get to our mailbag. And of course, our free stuff. Give away that. I know most of you are tuned didn't for
I'm hoping I want I think you might have can I know you know, some people on the inside.
So over the course of the last three weeks, we we've gone through all of the major career paths for this sort of intro. Siri's We've got our four, which you can see right here we have our systems administrator, pen tester, sock analyst and network engineer. And of course, what we were talking about. Those jobs were also talking about sort of the Kerala re job. So for stock analysts talk about forensics
for a network engineer. We also talked about data basins, security engineers a little bit
for systems administrator. We talked about everything because that's what they have to do most of the time.
That said We also talked about the responsibilities of all of those roles for all of them. Of course, one of the key job from the key responsibilities is the ability to communicate effectively. And we spent just a whole bunch of time hammering that in. And hopefully that's if nothing else. Hopefully that from these past few weeks is stuck.
We've done some tool demos. We talked about the different PM's that we were using. We talked about and map. We've talked about wire shirt we've talked about.
Uh oh, goodness. We talked about just about everything in this course as I'm going through the list, of course, in our other videos for your specific career paths. We talked about the certifications that you're gonna want to get, sort of what your career path looks like, as well as you know, your salary options in the growth market in that sort of thing. So it's been a pretty action packed, jam packed three weeks
and back to this life where you can see you know, those are
the cards for those career paths. Now, as I as I pointed out, I think earlier Thesis Tums, administrator Career path is one that we're currently building with input from our users and from people who have experienced as this admits. So if you're someone who knows a lot about that particular part of this field with a lot of experience in the system in,
please, by all means reach out to us. We're always looking
for new T A s. And we're always looking for people to help create content and educate the new generation in in cyber security. And I t
yes, yes, absolutely.
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