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Video Transcription
All right. Welcome back. Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to be carrying on our video here discussing service health. We've just been discussing how to log and view tickets with Microsoft. My name is Chris. Let's get started. All right, So
service health effectively. It's the health off services that are constantly monitored to ensure s l A. We just spoke about S l. A. In the last video service level agreement on what we're looking for here is to monitor the health performance and availability of those services
as well as a list off subscriptions and services so that you know exactly what you're paying for
on why you should be interested in them on actually looks a little bit like this. It's probably changed a little bit since, but here
all you do on the left hand side is select health here, open it up and you'll see service health down there. From there, you can click all services or you can see incidents or advisories on it will allow you to scroll up or down on. Basically, you can pick what you want to know more about,
and here you'll see. For example, with exchange
there is one incident in two advisories, and if you click on them, it will then give you a description of the problem. When the incident was first locked, the last update to the incident. The current status on the impact that it has on users
really nice and simple to use on Really transparent. Actually, they keep it very regularly updated, usually within minutes of a problem occurring. You can come to this location, toe, have a look to see what's going on with your network. Effectively.
All right.
Okay, so we're gonna finish up there.
Let's do a pop quiz, shall we? As we always do.
So what is the name
off the baht that helps you handle service requests? So we did talk about this in. I believe it was our first video in this lesson.
Eso pause the video. Go and have a look. If you need to and then feel free to come back on bond, we'll carry on from there.
All right. If you said anything along the lines off office Microsoft 365 or the supporter system, you would be correct.
The reason I'm saying any or all of those is because no even Microsoft know which one of these they want to actually call it. So it's It's a It's a bit of a mess at the moment in terms of what they're doing with them, but it allows you to use force sentencing when searching for a solution. That's the key thing with this, because it's a I driven.
This is an AI tool.
All right. Okay, so let's summarize then. So in today's lesson, we discussed Microsoft 365 billing and how it works. So you've got the notifications that go with them.
You've got the payment method. You know how to pay for things.
Got my has gone all over the place. There.
That's better.
So payment methods and things like that allows you to see how many are available. So you're licenses.
Remember, it's licenses available,
not licenses that you've used. All right. And then we looked at managing Microsoft 365 user licenses. So it was that whole toggle switch thing that we discussed where you could turn things on and off. We looked at the support options available, so things like fast track premier support the CSP Tier one support
tier one directly from Microsoft
Wells was their telephone support, lots of different ways of doing it
on the deployment support as well in that.
And then we also looked at guarantees S L. A's and the liabilities of a cloud service provider. Remember, this is no. Always remember, this is the CSP here.
There's no always
in your favor
when it comes to a Sele's
all right, so keep that in mind, it's that they will do their very best. Teoh not necessarily take the least amount of responsibility. But if something does go wrong and they con fix it, they want the least amount off. Liability is probably the best way to explain it. They don't want to have to pay out Mike's stuff to quite good,
but obviously I'm being more general with Cloud service providers as well.
And then we also looked at creating and reviewing service requests. So this was where we went through the little tab system. Remember, this was with the assistant that you could speak to on. Then you could actually turn it off,
and that would allow you to then longer ticket Andi. See if you can get Microsoft's engineers to actually fix the problem for you. And then we looked at the service health as well for Microsoft. 365
I hope this video has been informative for you. I'd like to thank you for watching and I will see you in the next.
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