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handled everybody. Welcome to listen Fight, 0.1 instructor of carpet governance and management operatives. My name is Alejandro Gonna and I'll be your instructor for today's lesson.
The learning operatives of this video is to identify and understand the governance competence applicable to a government or management after two.
So, uh, the covered 5019 implementation guide emphasized on enterprise White view off governance and on i t.
This guy recognizes that I t is prevalent in enterprise and that it's neither possible nor good
practice to separate business on my T activities. Remember that in previous videos we saw that all the I t activities must be helping to achieve a specific or, you know, business goal.
So the governance is management off enterprise. I t shoot that for being plummeted as an integral part of the enterprise governance covering the full Auntie Em business and I t functional areas off responsibility again. We already talked about this. We already said that I t or day or, you know,
security itself. I mean, the sea so
or the CEO should be sitting with the CEO and you know, CFO and everything. So I can be seen as a strategic part of the enterprise because a t M the digitalization will live in is making I thi morning more and more important, everything every day.
So one of the common reasons why some government system implementations fail is that they're not initiated on. Then manage properly. It's programs To ensure that benefit, I realized governance programs need to be sponsored by executive management. Be properly scoped
on defined operatives there. Attainable.
Um, I haven't seen several times that governance upsets some really, really high standards and goals, and they're not achievable. At least not in the short time I have seen many eyes. So are intense. Pam
Fail fail because, um,
the CEO didn't have any idea how long this will take in that Hay says, Okay, I don't know three months or something like that. So even if you reduce this statement off applique ability off the ice up, um, you will fail the Rx. You didn't have enough time to do that. So this enables,
you know,
tailoring this cope and reducing the scope o r. At least seven achievable goals. This enabled the enterprise to have served the changes. This plant
program management is therefore address as an integral part again of the implementation of life cycle.
It's also
assumed that while a problem, a pry approach is recommended to effectively drive improvements initiatives, the goal is also to establish a normal business practice to sustain
on sustainable approach. I'm sorry to governing I'm management enterprise. I t just like any other aspect of the enterprise governments.
For this reason, the implementation approach is based on a power in business and I. T s stakeholders and role players to take ownership of I T related governance and management decisions on activities by facilitating and enabling change.
The implementation program is closed when the process are off for focusing on I t related priorities and governance improvements is generating a measurable benefit
on the program has become embedded in Congo in an ongoing business activity.
In the next lesson, I will try to describe the structure used to detail each of the covered governance and management operatives are key for the covered implementation for each governance and management, argue tive. The publication that is called Governance and Management Operatives Book
provides an information related to each of the government's components applicable to governance and management operative I know guys that, you know, just to clarify the governments or management. Our motives are divided into well receipts. All this and previous lessons
processes organizational instructors, information, flows and items
people, skills and confidence is policies and procedures, culture, ethics and behavior,
service, infrastructure and applications. I will get into details of this, and I would like to clarify. I know I have Bean mentioning a lot of governments and management operatives and processes, and, you know,
it seems like I'm just trying to confuse you. This is just how college this is structured. I'm just doing my best. So so you can understand each part and, you know, say everything makes sense to you in a day to day basis.
What Covenant Publication provides information related to each of the governance components? Because the publications called Governance and Monitoring Our get its book. And it's of course, provided by ice, aka
mention unlisted governments components
again, all of them, if you like processes.
Ah, process organizational instructors, information, flows and items, people, skills and competencies, policies and procedures, culture, ethics and behavior service's infrastructure and application. So let's you know,
we'll see that in the next lesson
in more detail
in today's video with this car's another view of the covet governance components.
Supplementary materials again. None other than my circus publication.
Well, that's it for today, folks. Thank you for watching, and I hope to see you Shin.
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