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This lesson covers the first step in the Risk Management Framework process, which is to Categorize. Upon completing this unit, participants will be able to identify the six steps in the RMF Process, produce or support the production of the key documents in the RMF process. In addition, participants will be able to categorize the security characteristics of confidentiality, integrity and availability for an information system as high, medium or low as well as describe the information processed, stored, and transmitted by an information system. Finally, participants will be able to register an information system. Categorizing a system consists of the following tasks: 1-1: Security Categorization 1-2: Information System Description 1-3: Information System Registration

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What is the Risk Management Framework?

This course introduces the Department of Defense (DoD) Risk Management Framework (RMF). This course prepares participants to take the CAP Exam which consists of 125 multiple choice questions and covers the following domains:

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