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how long Look into the protecting the class with Russia.
One way to protect your class is applying steganography. So what's happening here is you're hiding data in on a very meta
definition at the practice, off concealing a file message, image or video within another file message, image or video. So you are hiding their inside another death.
Steganography is really interesting because you want to really be able to suspect if the data is actually
or no. If it's within the five, you can project the data or hide it. So it's kind of a place and occur, so you better be bad. People can use it to snuggle or Ojai data and what people can also use it. So an example off
on dhe AB, or like a software for steganography and marking is the open bar version. Far wishes. I'm going to demonstrate it.
So what's happening with the Yes
if you'll have steps so you will be ample to hide data, and what you will be doing, basically, is you choose your source
and your source list supposed to same. You want to have this text heading within a new image so you choose your text
your choose the image, which is like them file. You want to hide the data in it? You do hide the data. Basically, they result off. That will be another file. Similar. Exactly. I didn't to come to the original picture, Mr Post. We picked the picture
and you will have the exact picture.
Exact everything. Now, how do you know if the file has hidden better with it? I'm going showing example. So here I did hide a file text
into a picture, which is? It's called July 2 sounding 19.
So we have here to example off. Like to the left. There is the original picture, which it was created in the fifth of July. And this is the time to offer skimpier and the size off the original picture. It's 2.60 mega, but
now the one that opened Buff created is actually
very similar picture. It has brought me the same name July 2, South in 19. It's created in the same time. Even if I did the strip. Nah, graffiti in the other time, it wasn't in the fifth, but it's still keep the date
fifth off. You're lying to solve in 19 and the time is same time of creating the original picture in 12:15 p.m. However, if you look and see, the only different is them Ties off this picture
is little bit larger. Is three buying 45 mega?
And that's basically telling us that it is
something happened. Something is hitting within the picture. It's not easy to have a good eye to find it, like you can just send it. See, like an email from one employee to our on innocent email that has really no sign off, just a decent picture for those who lie or a family picture. But
inside, it's good, have
important text hidden in it. So steganography is a way to protect on high Date, and that is you can use it. You can have the app, and you can see the lab will explain how to use it and play around with it. And you actually do it, man. Well, if you want.
So that was something I wanted to share with you. I want to say thank you so much for learning with me, and I was sealing in the next listen

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