Steganography XnView Lab

[toggle_content title="Transcript"] Hey, Leo Dregier here. I want to talk to you about a really, really cool tool. You could definitely use this in the forensics world, um, to document information about files. I would definitely have this in my lab, uh, XnView. What it allows you to do is go grab any picture, and allows you to, basically, easily find details without really going through a bunch of different applications. So it solves a lot of problems right at once. One, everything is in this one spot so the obvious one here is a preview of the image. Then we can go to the properties of the file, get the name, the size, the access times. That’s where access control comes in place and timestamps. The image, the actual format that it’s currently in, JPEG TrueColor, the width, the height, the number of bits, the color model, the DPI, uh, print size, the compression algorithm used, in this case, of course, JPEG, uh, and any sort of extra information it finds. It also allows you to get a histogram of the color codes assigned to the picture, so in this case – you know, they all look slightly different. If you’d select on, you know, different photos, you get an idea how cool that feature is. Um, the camera model in which it tries to guess or the artist who took the picture, sometimes this is very revealing in terms of, uh, GO timestamps and, uh, actual people, tying to cameras, tying to locations. So the data was taken. The data was digitized, um, also, all the digital encoding, the resolution of the thumbnail images. Um, any sort of XML oriented information will be found in this section here and then, also, categories, if categories is assigned. And this may or may not be available in the properties of the file. Depending on, like, if you’re using Windows Explorer, it also tries to find this information. Um, this program allows you to just easily answer a lot of questions all at once very, very detailed, and it allows you to interrogate your images. Plus, it has good, um, saving and importing/ex utilities as well, so you’re going to want to check those out. Um, the tool menus, here’s where the export is. Here’s if you’re into different types of encoding. In this, in this case, just rotation of the file. You probably won’t use that much forensically. That’s more of a photo editing feature than a forensics, uh, feature. But, you know, hey, if you’re realistically, uh, trying to reconstruct something, that may come in handy, um, sequence converts. You know, uh, also, slide shows. You can do a slide show of it if you want. Uh, I guess for evidence reasons. Um, just to make it pretty more so than anything else. Okay? So that’s the overview of all of the different types of details that you can look at forensically using a program like XnView. My name’s Leo Dregier, and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook link, then YouTube and Twitter. [/toggle_content] Our final lab in the Steganography lab series is Xnview.  Xnview is both a viewer and organizer for documentation. This lab demonstrates what Xnview sees, how explicitly it details information about an image including its histogram, geo time stamp, thumbnail info. You’ll learn just how completely you can analyze and document every aspect of an image.
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