Steganography HideMe in the Clipboard Lab

[toggle_content title="Transcript"] Hey, Leo Dregier here. I want to talk about a wild little tool. This type of tool is used more on the penetration testing side, and I want to – you guys to think, the forensics audience to think how could you detect where I’m storing this information? That’s kind of going to be the pop quiz. So what th – first let me explain what the tool does. It allows you take any, anything that you’ve copied, basically, through the Control C or right click Copy function, uh, any – basically, anything that your mouse touches that you can effectively copy real quick, and it allows you to, basically, take that information, and dump it to the clipboard. So it, it’s imports into the clipboard, and then evaluates it and gives you a size. So I have uh, uh, uh, some text copied of 827 characters. This gives me a total cloaking space of 431 bytes to additionally add to the clipboard to do what I want with. So the cloaking space that is used, it gives you 37 bytes so far. That’s just, if you do Message, test, test, test. If you keep going through this, you’ll see it change. The primarily – uh, the primary compatibility test is passed, and the text fragment, basically, you see what it’s actually going to look like. So you can load right from the, the clipboard, and then save it back to the clipboard with your message in it, um, to easily hide information, anything that your mouse touches, boom, into the clipboard area. Uh, so instead of storing something in a document or something that is easily identifiable in NVRAM and RAM, things that are stored there, so you can’t look there in this, in this test, where is – copying this hidden message, where is it storing it? How is it placing it in the file? Good luck. My name’s Leo Dregier. [/toggle_content] Our first Steganography lab introduces you to HideMe in the Clipboard. HideMe in the Clipboard is a wild little tool that used more for penetration testing to discover how to copy anything that your mouse touches and dump it into the clipboard so you can hide it in whatever object your choose. You’ll learn from this demonstration how HideMe in the Clipboard analyzes dump data then inserts into another object and where you can and cannot see how that information is hidden.
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