Stateless and Stateful DHCP

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Hello and welcome back by Cindy one. Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part one. This steps out. 733 Stateless and state fel D H E P.
I am trained air and I'll be your instructor for this course. Yesterday we went over the Neighbor's Scurry Protocol how it's used by routers with their router. So station, router advertising messages and ha host learn the Mac addresses and avoid duplicate addresses with the neighbour. So station and neighbor advertising messages
and his absurd rules covering how the host gets her address with the D H E B V six server and with the stateless
auto address, auto configuration or slack.
So first we look at the D A. C P V six concepts on, we will look at the really agents, and finally we'll get slack.
So it's always quick pre assessment here. What is the multi cast address for the all D A. C p. Agents,
so I'll give you a few seconds.
All right. It is F zero to call Nicole in one cone to
so D c. P. V. Six. It works essentially kind of like the same way as the eye papers for GHB piece someone gets on the land, requests an address.
Um, they're gonna do communications back and forth to negotiate the address of the servers on the sub net. It requires that really agent or the helper address.
Um, you know, server's gonna offer at least to the client from a pool of addresses for a specified amount of time.
If it's ST fold the service and attracted D A c for the i p usage
So d a GP or the state fel D h e p. The clients learn the unique s address, the prefix length, the DNA servers,
Um, and then it will actually get the default router default Gateway from the neighbor Discovery Protocol messages. Remember those air year Rs and Ari messages that will get from notes.
So it actually gets those three things from the D A. C P version six servers. Remember that an eye papers before it actually got all four of those from it.
Sadler is no more door messages. His easy is that was to remember. Now we have solicit. We have the advertised. We have the request and reply, and these work essentially in the same manner. You know, the solicit, the client's gonna get online and send us listed out trying to figure out find a D a. C P server to offer an address.
The server's gonna advertise the unit, CASS, address and prefix length and everything. The client's gonna go ahead and request that information and say, Hey, I wanna have this address
and on the server replies with an acknowledgment, saying, OK, the address is yours.
So the real agent is gonna work the same as it did in I P. Verges and four. Right. So when the client sends that solution messages and the C P server is off the sub net, that router is going to
change the source address off.
That's on destination address off that solicit message. Right? Because originally, that source of dress is gonna be that link local address that it's automatically created for that link on that device. And that destination is gonna be the all D H E P agents Multi CASS of f F zero to Colin Colin one Colin, too.
Once that router receives that messages or that solicit message is gonna change that source address
to the routers interface that would be facing the D. C. P. server, and then it can change the destination. Actually, for that D A. C P server, what you have to configure
and the interface configuration.
So you see, there we are in rather one config interface. So this will be the interface
that is facing the land. Remember, this is the side that would be getting the solicit messages.
Um, so you configure the I P version six th e p really destination. And from there, that's where you throw in the full DCP address. Remember, this could be the full 32 hex character, or it could be the shortened condensed version of it.
But if we do that show I p version six interface Ah f a 00 Whatever that land site is that you configure it on it. Remember where we had the multi cast address that you could see in there Will also see the d a cheapie agent multicast address in there now, just kind of cool. So you can see if one is configured properly for D h E P agent.
If you look in that interface configuration there
and it shows that multicast address
next, we're gonna look at these stateless address auto configuration. So this one, there's no it's the pro of it is. There's no D h e p server. There's less configuration for it. Everything is gonna be done automatically.
So the host is gonna learn that prefix. Remember from the routers, solicitation, router, advertising messages.
So it's gonna have that prefix and then from there is going to tease going to choose its own interface portion of the address. So it's either gonna use that you I 64 or it's just gonna create a random address.
And after his kind of figured out, the address that it wants to use is going to use that duplicate address detection with the neighbour solicitation and neighbor advertisement messages to determine if that address has been used.
We also have another version with where we have slack with date with stateless D h e p. So it's a little bit of both.
So this one we use the slack for the unit CASS address. So we still get that prefix from the router. We used the interfaces of random or you why we do dad to determine if someone's used the address. So everything's still the same was slack.
So Like I said, we use NDP for all that information, but then we're going to use the stateless D H C c P server for the D in aesthetics.
So this is nice because I say you have a couple different th that Deanna servers and you want to do is like load balancing or something. And May ones down. You're doing work on one. You can change it on the fly. It's not too bad. There's no I. P uses tracking on the server. There's less configuration. It takes the work load off the engineers quite a bit.
So if we look at the episode recap, we went over the D A. C P V six concepts we went over the relay agent configuration really is a good figure. Bevers configured on that land the like sub net side That would be receiving a solicitation messages if I looked at slack. And then we looked at slack with the stateless th e p server
and quick. Both suspect here with state full DCP what is learned with NDP.
I'll give you a few seconds.
All right. Remember, NDP will give you your default router with the RS and are a messages
and the next listen, where are you gonna break up those routers again? We're gonna go and implement I p version six on those Siskel routers.
And I realized we went through this lesson pretty quickly. I noticed. Now I'm talking kind of fast. It's the caffeine.
if it didn't stand out, please, either ask me questions, go to YouTube, re wash the videos.
but otherwise, you know, go in, contact me if you have questions. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you. Next lesson. Let's get that equipment going.
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