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Video Transcription
Welcome to this disco Si si and be switched 101 on five exam prep. Siri's My Name is Philip Mention Ali and in today's episode will discuss stock ways.
A sweet stock is a selloff. Cisco Carolyn switches connected through their stock way sports.
The switch is use a stock wise technology to be here and work together as a unified system. They would connect the one I p address, and then you would manage all the devices. The stock master is a single point of stock. White management. You would configure global or interference level features on the Stock master, which apply to all stock members. All the switches
in the sweet stock needs to be running compatible software versions on same level of licenses.
To view the role on a priority over switch from exact mood, you can issue the command show switch. This is example on here we can see the one represents the force, which in this case only one switches forward on
on its rule is the Master Enrique unseats Mark address. Likewise, the priority, which is by default, one on if we want to see which stock ports are connected in a switch. We can you see the command show switch stock ports. In this case, both of the stock way sports are don't. If we wanted to create a too sweet stock with forest forward on the switch which we want to be the master,
it would change its priority
because, as you mentioned in the previous light, the default priority is one. So we see the commander switch one priority 15. Then we would keep love. The two switches using the stock. Weitz cable
unconnected to the stock way Sports
in a crisscross fashion support once which one would go to port 21 Switch to on poor, too. Once which one would go to port one and switch to creating a look and you're provisioned. A second switch on the master switch. Are you seeing a command switch to
poor vision and then you'll specify to switch model and you were very fine. Be seen the command show switch. Then you're both top switch to
Well, then you would very far again. You see the command shows which are brought up a life switch on here are we see the command show switch which we had on the slide on probation. A second member, as you can see on the current state it saves provisions, aren't let's go back to the slights.
We have a post assessment question. Which common changes a priority off a stock switch. A switch one priority. 50. Be switched. Priority one, Level 15 or C. Switch level one, Priority 15
on answers a switch one Priority 15. The higher priority is preferred, and it is. Episode we've discussed stock wise in the next episode will focus on DTP sloping. This is Phil affection all you know, and thank you for choosing savory.
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