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Video Transcription
Welcome to this disco. Si si and be switched 301 15 Exam Prep. Siri's My name is Philip. Mention Ali on In today's episode, we're gonna focus on span on our spun Spun, which stands for switchboard on ELISA. Can we use the monitor? Either report or a villain? And then you could marry the traffic on a report within the same switch Where monitor or you're on ELISA.
It's plugged in the set of spun from global configuration. Would
with BC to command monitor session
Annette would specify a session i d, followed by source uninjured. Specify everyone a monitor eater on interferes or a villain. The next step is to define the destination, so the command would be monitor session. We would specify session I D and then the keyword destination on here, where it says if I
interferes where you want to send the monitor traffic optionally,
we can also set up a filter.
We would say monitor session the session I d filter on any of the specify the filter, an option that we want to use for this monitor in section. Finally, we would verify where the command show monitor on when you're fresh monetary traffic. It's always best practice the torn off the monitor so we would use the command. No monitor session one
rs fun can be used.
The mirror, a port or a villain in one switch and pipe. The mirror traffic viol are remote spine villain overtone auto switch for us. We would define the villain. Then we would have to ensure that that Venus strong to cross on both switches
on onboard switches. We'll have to go under the villain and ensure we are the key word remote spun next on the source, which
the commander would be more intercession on here. I use the section 80 for illustration purposes that it's a source that was, specify the source that we want to monitor if its support or a villain. This is on a source, which on the next line, it's a monitor session. One destination remote villain would specify the remote villain, which were created
over on the destinations, which we would easy to command more intersection. One source. Remote villain. I would specify the remote villain which were created
on, and it says if I did that station with a monitor session one destination in the fierce on India Greece, where you want to send the mirror traffic on the destinations which under very fine we could use a short monitor command. And when I bring up a lot, no. So we'll see how we can set up Spun on our spun on and white core one when we're gonna married a fussy 101 interferes
that if our seaton it ones here to interferes and why 11 is acting as a non laser plugged in to the far side Net 102 interferes
The show Monitor Command is gonna tell us if any section is currently set up area to session. And now we need to specify an I d and choose one in our kiss. The source is gonna be the interferes far Sit near the ones you're one on a destination in the face is gonna be the first year's ones. You're too interferes Optionally
We could also set up a filter on here. You can specify like an access lis.
When you're finish, we're gonna exit a little here. Now we can re run the show monitor command. If we look at the type, feel it says local section. This is a Regulus Fans session we have just set up here. We could see the source sports. It means both out bung on in Bonn, traffic on for gestation ports.
We have very Dhofar signet ones. You're a to interface.
Or if we look at adversity that once you're doing the face you're gonna see it say is monitoring this case We're gonna get a lot output so I can filter the south and it's in the monitor. In state, you can generate a Kesselman awake or one to proof
the traffic is being mirrored over the flat seated 10 toe typing in.
And why is one i p,
which is the one into 1/60 16 not one i p. Now, when we re run the show in the face and specify the conquerors option, you'll notice for out unique *** pockets. This time it's a 776 as opposed to earlier, where it says 5 70 When we're finished, he was in a response session.
It's good practice that torn off the monitor
scenario Sonata mon dissection is starting off Now. We'll set up our spun and we'll set it up between and wake or one on and worry court to the facet of 10 24 interference is gonna be the trunk in the face.
And in this example, they're using Villain 500. So we'll also use Villain 500. The source is gonna be the fancy. That one's your one interferes on and white core one on over an android court, too.
The source is gonna be the remote span villain 500.
So for us, let's set up our villains and then we'll set up our respond. Currently, the villain doesn't exists. No, another villains off conflagration mood.
You need thesaurus. Common remote spun and that's it. Now we can set a procession
on the sources faceted 101 Here, we can optionally specify the direction of the traffic we want to capture by default is going to capture both. So we leave it with a default on this time with destination is gonna be remote
And that's it for the source. It says type remote source section on. It's capturing the Farsi and 101 in the fierce. On the destination this time is the remote span. Villain 500. I'm gonna pause the video and set up trunk in real quick on end up on over Bhakti and week or two to the same conflict. Great. So now I have trunk in, set up.
So now you need to go under the villain and specify remote span. No, we need to set up the monitor.
And this time the source is gonna be remote.
on a destination. This time is gonna be interferes, and we're gonna send it out too fast. You get 101 interferes over and in a week or two.
Notice your monitor command
here. It says the type is remote destination session
as opposed to and white core one where it's his
remote source session.
And why court to say is remote destination session or until we can see the conquers here
it says 4 79 So I'm going to go back to an awake or one real quick, undo the ping once again,
nor over and in a week or two,
you'll notice right away. The out unique *** pockets were 4 79 Now it's 882. Likewise, we can see it's in the monitoring state. So that's how you would set up span on our spun. All right, let's go back to the slides.
We have a post assessment question, which command specifies the destination in the source, which, when setting up our spun monitor session one. Destination interferes
Faucet Net 101 or monitor section one. Destination villain 500 or more Intersection one destination. Remote villain. 500
onions. Very C Monitor Section one Destination Remote Villain 500. In today's episode, we focused on span on our respond how we would set UPS Fund. In addition to correspond on, we did post verification checks in the next episode will discuss stock wise Mrs Federation on Here. One Tank Virtues in Siberia.
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