Introduction to Social Engineering

[toggle_content title="Transcript"] Leo Dregier here. I want to talk about social engineering. Now this module is particularly special module because it is both an art and science. There is tons of books written on the subject of social engineering indeed this is one of those fields where it can take a lifetime to master the art of social engineering. So we are going to discuss that now there are different types in which you can socially engineer someone you can do it on a computer. You can do it live in person. Nowadays you can even extend that over the mobile networks or even through the social sites. Now mostly the consequence here is disclosure of information that you are going to use. But if you can get a username or password or some sort of critical information out of someone. It ultimately can result into billions and billions of dollars of just wasted money or have a very significant impact to a company. So we were going to cover everything. How to actually do it the most common attack vectors? Ultimately the harm that can be done. This is in extremely powerful subject here, you should not be using this information to go social engineer people inside the airport we have to put on our big boy and big girl hats here and act responsibly. So in the scope of penetration testing if you are ever going to perform a social engineering attack make sure you have got your pass. Make sure you have it documented. Make sure you got everything documented so that ultimately you can show to the person you are doing the social engineering test that will actually works. Get your permission slips so let us go ahead and start dissecting social engineering. [/toggle_content] Module 10 of our Penetration Testing course series introduces you to the concepts and practices of Social Engineering as it relates to penetration testing and ethical hacking. This intro video explains the topics you'll address regarding social engineering, including common attack vectors, how to perform it and the consequences that follow. Please Note: To help secure your entire organization from social engineering and other end user threats, Cybrary offers an End User Security Awareness training class that can be rolled out to your entire organization. Click Here for More Info
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