[toggle_content title="Transcript"] Hi Leo Dregier here. Hope you guys are enjoying the videos and in this video, I want to talk about really cool tool to change your mac address works really, really well on windows. Specifically let us look at the smack tool. So I am going to my pen testing box and I am going to basically look up a smack is actually tool by KLC and is version specific. I particularly like the version 1.1 specifically because you can basically choose the address that you want. So I am going to show you basically how to use this all together. Okay let us go ahead and let us see this clear screen let us do - IP config and you can see that I am running and what I am going to do is go over here to my network properties. Go to my local area network actually before I go that let us back up a second. Please note that the mac address is 44BB delta, delta bravo, bravo delta, delta. So if I just try to run this tool I am going to run you into and error here. If I just try to run this tool and try to change BB to CC and then update the mac address. It will actually say that it is done here but if I go and interrogate the network adapter card again. You can see that it was BB before and it is still BB again so it didn't exactly tick. The reason why it is because of a dealer or dare I saw protocol called NDIS called network device integration specification I think is what it is actually called. I have thought my head is NDIS and so what that tool ordeal does is actually bind your mac address to the network adapter card. So in order to get this to work properly you have to actually disable your interface, then update your mac. Then enable your interface again - and now if you run this you can actually see that it took a cc now that is not too bad of a way to do it. Other things that we could do here just kind of be a little thorough if I wanted to look at the device manager. I actually could go down to my network adapter card here and look at the properties and sometimes you have advanced features in here that you can change as well. So you can see the network address is 44CCD so let us try this again in just a slightly different way. Let us go ahead and disable this go back to our adapter and this is called the SSDD updated. Then it will refresh and enable your mac address again and then actually rerun it again and you can see that it actually changed it there. So I can natively do this in Windows depending on the network adapter card and the drivers most of them I would say you probably not going to have a problem with or you can use an add on utility like this and of course you can refresh it and see that it actually changes. So that is basically how to run the smack tool this what you would do if you want to spoof somebody's mac address or attempt to poisonous a switch or advertise or somebody else without realistically using the arp protocol. So that is mac - so I showed you some mac and then also had actually do it with inside windows in the advanced network card properties as well. Thanks for watching my name is Leo Dregier and don't forget to check us out on Facebook LinkedIn YouTube and Twitter. [/toggle_content] The next lab in the Sniffing Traffic simulation series introduces the SMAC utility. SMAC is a version specific MAC address changing utility.  This Sniffing Traffic lab teaches you how to use SMAC, when to use SMAC and why SMAC is needed for penetration testing. The lab also discusses and demonstrates various ways to confirm the Mac address was changed.
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