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Video Transcription
Once we have clicked into a presentation, we can see here that it will open up to a full screen view of the very first slide, which will be your course card. The cyber team will be updating your presentation with your course card once it is finished. So do not worry if you have a template side at the moment.
Now I want to go over some of the main items that we can see on this initial screen. When opening a presentation,
starting on the top left of the screen, we can see the name of the presentation. Here it is listed as Thor test presentation.
Next to that, it will show you the slide numbers showing you which slide you are currently on and how many there are in total.
To the right of that is the name of this slide. For this one, it is image which I will go into more detail about later.
On the left hand side, we can see a column with a couple of items on it, starting at the top with the arrow pointing to the left. If we click on this, it will take us back to the main screen with all of the presentations on it.
Below. This is the action button. When selected, this will give us a zoomed out overview of our entire presentation.
This makes it easy to see how your slides air, looking overall, and if you click and drag one of your slides, you can move it to another position, making it easy to switch what order you want your slides in.
You were even able to select multiple slides at once by holding down the shift key when selecting, if you need to move multiple slides at a time
while in the zoomed out view, you were also able to click on an individual slides, giving you multiple options like adding, duplicating, deleting or exporting your slide.
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