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This lesson introduces participants to the SME, Shadeed Eleazor. Mr. Eleazor is a Navy Veteran and Sharepoint Architect specializing in integrating people, processes and platforms. He is best known for designing the official web sites for the State of Maryland and the State of Pennsylvania (md.gov and pa.gov). He's a Sharepoint Community Leader and he speaks at Sharepoint conferences around the USA. He wants his students to have hands on instruction and really get to know Sharepoint.

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Hi, I'm Scheidt. Laser subject matter expert for Office 3 65 Web management Course. Now I want to share a little bit of information about myself in my background before we go into the module overview and course information. I am a U. S Navy veteran.
I am a SharePoint software architect whose specialty is integrating people, process and platform. And my notable projects include the official website of Maryland, which is Maryland dot gov, as well as the official website of Pennsylvania, which is p a dot gov I'm a SharePoint community leader.
And I've been the president of the longest running SharePoint Focus institution,
which is the Baltimore SharePoint User Group for the past seven years. I'm also a speaker at various SharePoint conferences and dot net conferences around the greater U. S. A. One thing that I bring to the table was hands on, uh, skill of specialty wish SharePoint.
So in the Q and A section is, be sure to ask you questions regarding this course
and other SharePoint topics so that you can gain maximum retention of SharePoint skills. I work with SharePoint daily. I eat it, I breathe it, I live it, and I hope to bring that information to a valuable office 3 65 Web management course for your enjoyment

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