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Video Transcription
Alright, Learners module for a service design and rose.
Are you ready? Let's go.
Okay, so less than 4.1 service design
the learning objectives. In this video, we will cover understanding the service design and its value to a business. You understand The basic concepts and service design considerations went in this phase as well as the five key aspect of the service design.
So understanding the service design as a whole Soto understand it is mainly to understand the service providers strategy in order to design underlining I t services in their practices as well as the process is required to effectively built on that particular strategy for that business.
So when we started looking into the objectives of it
now, the objectives I tell recommends that service providers should minimize the need for improvement to services. However, the C S I that continues to continue service improvement should be embedded in all service designs activities in support of any changing nature of trends and in business over time.
However, that is there to have that
that that flexibility to sit there and maneuver through if something does occur and in the scope of the SD is more so to the design and the new off the new and change services to meet current and future business needs. And when we look into this particular area,
it ensures that the I T solutions are in alignment with the business requirements at all times.
so some of the the service design considerations that we take a look at so serve designs is more of the functional requirements or what the service is expected to do. And then you have the service level requirements where or how well the service is expected to toe to deliver that functional requirements. And we go into the business
where it shows how the service will contribute to the achievement of the outcomes. So in all over all the design constraints or the factors that limit both the service provider in the business and the design provision, so the delivery of the service is considered to be fulfilled.
Okay, now those are the service design considerations when putting this into play.
So when we go into the basic concepts of service design, so understanding the basic concepts of the service design is very critical, because thes are there are several basic concepts that are important to understand in the context of the serve design stage of the life cycle. However, these particular ones here
the people processes, products and partners and then you have the five major aspect of the design and then you have the service design package where it's going to be delivered to that business.
So these are the basic concepts in terms that to take down to understand.
Okay, so when we look into the basic concepts of service design with the four Peace Now, the four piece is people processes, partners and products. So people is the stakeholders involved with the service,
and then you have the process, whereas the various processes required to design develop, um, deliver support, even upgrade that that particular service. Then you have your partner, which is more of the suppliers that formed the underpinning aspects of delivery of the service
in your product, of course, which is the tools and technology
that is used to deliver and support that particular service. So according Toa, I tell the new and change I T services should be designed as a as a whole. So the effective service management requires planning and preparing the effective use of these four. These four piece at this stage.
so then we go into the five key aspect of service design. Now, this is crucial. And this is how I tell, um use it as you put into the abbreviation of stamp, for it could be a easier way to remember the five major aspect of design and
s is going for a service solutions.
Then you have t, which is the tools and the technology.
And then you have
the A for architectures, the limits for measurement and matrix and then you have to pee is for processes. Now, when you look into these particular ones, so the service service solutions is more it fulfills the business requirements, enables the business process to take place, and the tools and technology
It's for management information. So it covers the management information systems into especially the service portfolio.
Um, two should be reviewed to ensure they are capable of supporting new and change services. So that's where that falls into. Then the architectures more covers the technology and the management of the architectures. So they those are reviewed to ensure that all architectures are consistent with new and change services
and then the measurement in the Matrix.
It's more on a line of measuring what would be taken taken to ensure the services operating as it should and your processes is reviewed to ensure processes in rows and responsibilities as well as skills, have the capability to operate and support and maintain those particular
new change of services.
Now, if not, the design of the new service will need to be revised or existing capabilities will need to be enhanced. So it includes all I T and service management processes as well.
Okay, so again, when we sit there and break it down how I just did,
um, these is just for you could see it having more of a visual off the five aspect. So within the service solutions to twos and systems for management information,
architecture, er, measurement systems and the processes for your visual reference.
All right. And then we go into the service design package. Now, this is the package that stage where is the new services? Any major change to a service or removal of a service so in this particular area is used
is used by the service transition to move service through stages of that life cycle. So it contains all the information needed
about certain about that about that particular service at each stage in its life cycle. So it have the requirements that have the service design, the organization of readiness assessment so that that service that lifecycle plan. So the STB,
it's documents defining all aspects of the I t service and the requirements through each stage of his life cycle.
So this is then handed off to the service transition, which is used, that which uses the information in the STB to transition a service to its various life cycle stages. Okay, it's all come together. I hear I see you here, your brains moving around. All right,
so in summary, less than 4.1, the key concepts that we discussed was the people, the processes, the products as well as the partners. Those the four piece the five aspect of the service design. Remember that stamp
and then the service design package. Where is the SDP? That is the main structure within this particular lesson. Okay, we will be carry on from here to your your lesson quiz and then to the next lesson. All right. See you soon.
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