Security Through Network Design Elements

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greetings and welcome back. The cyber is comped ear, sort of kind of band security practitioners certification. Preparation course.
We're going to our discussion of margin. Seven. Were just taught our network security architecture
here again, and the little objectives which encompasses pickle model. Let's not turn our attention toward discussing off.
Describe secure network design elements,
which is actually section four of this particular module.
Let's now begin engaging a pre assessment question, and the question is as follows. What statement regarding DMC is not true? Is it a It could be configured to have one on two fouls be improvised. An extra degree of security.
See, A typical includes an email or Web server, or D contains service that are used on Lee by internal network uses.
If you let it be you absolute correct, because it contains service that are used on Lee by internal network users
that force elements of a secure network design. We have again D m Z. We have some netting. We are virtual lands, and then we also have remote access. When you think about a D. M Z offer time. Refer to Parameter Network is a separate network located outside a secure network perimeter
untrusted outside uses can't access to D m Z, but not secure network
Sudden ending his I P addresses used identifying network and host on that network. One part is a network address. In one part is the host address? Seven. In what sense does it allows? Enlarge that would be divided into smaller than some nets, each that what can contain several something. That's something that is connected through different routers
east of Nick and contain multiple holes,
one of the veg of something and improve your network secured by isolating groups are holes. As an administrator, you can utilize network security tools to make it easier to regulate who has access in and out of particular sudden network.
It allows your network administrator hide the internal network layout makes it difficult for the tackler. Target their target, their taxes. Well, in this case,
for the V and virtual land, it allows scatter. It used to be logically group together. Even if a attached to different switches, it can isolate sensitive data to your be land members. It communicates on the villain if connected to the same switch to switch handle packets, transfer
a special tagging protocol is used for communicate between switches. So, in order, configure be land
the only device you could actually sit up or configurable. Land is on a switch. You cannot do it on the router. You have to utilize your switch.
We don't want remote access.
Working away from the office is a common thing that we see occur in most organization. Nowadays we have telecommuters. They travel sales we have. These are traveling, sales represented and traveling workers, which often time work outside of the office. Also, *** security for what use it must be maintained.
So we were more access. Is any companies for hardware software that enables were more uses
to access. Your local internal network provides the same functionality. Is the local users through a DP in or a dollop type connection?
This brings us to a post assessment question for this particular section here.
How does a virtual land allow devices to be Group isn't a based on some nets beaten logically seat directly in tow hubs or D on Lee around course switches.
The correct response is logically
doing this particular presentation. We took a look at Miss Fine Is everyone the D. M. Z as we discuss subheading, virtual land. And lastly, we're more access
and our upcoming topic will be taking a look again at network security fundamentals, which is a key takeaway for this particular module. I look forward to seeing the very next video.
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