Security Implications of Embedded Systems

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Hello and welcome to the Sai Buri 2019 comp Tia Security plus certification purpose. Of course,
we continue our discussion of marginal or three, and the topic discussion will be domain three. Architecture and design
Surprising enough. We have a brand new London objective, which is 3.5, where we have to explain the security implication of embedded systems.
With that man said, Let's turn our teacher tore at pre assessment quiz and in fact, this is a true or false statement
and it reads as follows. A home automation system will controlled lighting, climate, entertainment systems, alarm systems and appliances. Is this true or false?
In this case, if you selected chew, you're absolutely correct.
As mentioned earlier, we begin the process of taking a look at a brain to objective, which is 3.5, where we had explained the security implication of embedded systems.
With that being said, let's take a look at some concept which encompasses this particular objective which will be covered doing this particular video. We begin by first taking a look at supervisory control and data acquisition. Often time. Refer to it skater and your industrial control systems as well.
Take a look at the smart devices as well as the Internet of things which encompasses wearable technology as well as your home automation,
heating, ventilation and air conditioning, which is comprises your H fact.
Then we have our system on the chip often referred to as your S O C
real time operating systems or other words. The are to US
printers, multi function devices or M D efs
and lastly, our camera systems.
Additionally, some additional objectives or content it would be covered. Doing this particular video,
we take a look at special purpose of the worst on medical devices,
aircraft. What has your unmanned aerial
vehicles or you waves?
Perhaps the best place began. This particular video is by first or providing with a brief introduction as to exactly what is an embedded system.
Did you know that an embedded systems, in fact, a electronic system that has software and is embedded into computer hardware surprised enough? Some are programmable, and some are not.
Then we have, ah, supervisory control and data acquisition basically refers to an industrial control system,
or RCs,
that are implored to controlled and keep track of equipment or a plant in industries like water.
Where's control, telecommunications, energy, transport or as well as your gas refinery Skater is a computer system used to gather and analyze riel time data.
This data is processed by the computer and is presented on a regular basis.
Skater also saves and makes logs for every event into a long foul that has saved on a hard drive or sent to a printer.
Skater gives warnings by sounding alarms if situation developed into hazards situations. In short, it's a system that controls multiple industrial control systems.
Smart devices Willis Internet of things. Basically smart devices such as your smart TV can connect to a home network and gain access to the end. That
enough thing comprised of small devices such as your ATM cash machines, small robots and wearable technology that can use an I p address and connect to an Internet capable devices.
Wearable technology has increased in the recent years from Martin your help and perform Mr Sending Texts and receiving calls on your watches.
Home Automation. These assistant that would control essentially control your lighting, your climate entertainment systems
alarm system as well as your appliances
H back off comforters, your heating ventilation, air condition these essentially environmental system that provide and regulate heating and cooling.
Like other devices, your H Vac system have started connected to a wireless networks and to the Internet.
This neighbor you to remotely turn on turn off otherwise, can show your H back system from anywhere. It's convenient, but it increases the risk that an attacker could basically maliciously access your H Vac system while making your home or business too cold or too hot isn't a huge security concern.
An attacker could heat up your server room or data center to cause a denial of service
as service shut down due to overheating
system on a chip or S. O. C. Is a no power
integrate ship that anyways, all the components of a computer on or Elektronik system and, in other words,
real time operating systems is intended to serve real time application that process data as it comes in, typically without buffer delays
printer. In other words, motor function devices, or MDF,
the security implicates of printers and multifunctional vices are tired to data laws,
images that everyone press I that your continent was securely
sent to the hacker, who then posted the material on the dark Web or images that everything skin by your employees was secret said to your competitors. These are some of the implication of these devices, and short, they're very vulnerable. For example, Imprinted may have data end, the spool wouldn't be printing off
and a scandal me haven't image stored in it
not awards eternal memory
camera system a majority chemistries and non tend to be network and used for home automation or for security system to protect premises.
Special purpose, such as your mobile medical devices, can include infusion advice that magic fluids that are given to patients in the hospital.
What we see also happening with vehicles. As of the last few years, many cars are not connected to the Internet. Some vehicles have artificial intelligence and can drive themselves. We also have aircraft, as was unmanned aerial vehicles. These are mobile aircraft that also embedded half embedded system.
It was your unmanned aerial vehicles called drones.
At this point time we have our post assessment. Quist, in fact, is a chew of false statement, and it reads as follows.
A real time operating system are. TUS is intended to serve real time application that process data as it comes in, typically without buffet delays. This is a true or false statement.
In this case, if you send it to your absolutely correct
now, let's take a look at the key takeaways and the order in which they were covered. We learned that mobile medical devices can include infusion devices that measure fluids that are given to patients in hospital
vehicles as the last few years. Many cars are now connected in some cars, have artificial intelligence and in fact can drive themselves
aircraft. In other words, unmanned aerial aircraft vehicles we have. The model aircraft also have embedded systems. Unmanned aero vehicles are called drones.
We learned it. Printers or multi function devices are very vulnerable, for example, and printed may have data in the spolar wouldn't be print off and a skin I may have an image stored in his internal memory.
We learned that really time operating systems are are two s intended to serve real time applications. That process, doubt as it comes and typically without buffeted, lays
in our upcoming presentation. We're taking a look at a brand new objective, which is 3.6 what we have to summarize secure application development and deployment concepts. And again, I look forward to seeing you in the very next video
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