Security Groups Part 2

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and we're back in here in the management council. I'm gonna go ahead and school over too easy, too. And I don't have anything running. So I wanna go to launch an instance,
we're gonna go open up a basic Lennox to, am I?
All right, So were on Step three. Configure the instance.
All of this looks good. Was at a storage standard store. Just fine. Ad tags. We don't need tanks.
And this is what I want to talk about. So when you're configuring the security group, you're basically setting up the firewall for,
uh, the virtual instance itself. Um, you know, I can, you know, assign a security group that I've already predefined. Like, if I wanted to set up an existing one, I could do that, or I can create a new one and Aiken title it. So let's just say
super awesome
firewall, because it's super awesome, and we'll just copy this
and we're building a web server. So we're going to,
um, we're going to enable the ports for Webb, sir.
And so we talked about http. Https and s S H. So there's a report range for us. A sage. As I said Maybe you want to reduce that to only your location. So you can say I want this to be my VPN network
and change that fact it to there and then you want to add us, you can say this is my office VPN work. And that way, only people from that are connected into the office network over the VPN can access that now. Obviously, this is, uh, you know,
sure we could do that. So you can say
12. I don't know. I'm just making something up here.
sure, that works. And and then you can, you know, change. Uh, the HC being and https.
Ah, to to anywhere. And the cool thing about security groups will the cool. And the bad thing is that this is gonna be ingress and egress for the traffic. So it's not like a ah network access control list where you can prevent certain traffic from coming in, but a lot of traffic
going out, things like that.
Um, you know, when it comes to security groups is a little bit different. What? You what, you state there is gonna be going in and outs regardless. So this is all you have to set up when you're done, you press for view and launch your view. It's and then you press launch. I'm not gonna launch it cause I just want to create this real quick so you guys can see it,
but that's basically it right there. And you can kind of see
we're talking about us faras the access. So, you know, received That S S H is only accessible to the I P. We specified here's description and then http is available on both these right there. Um all right, that about wraps up this lecture. If you guys have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.
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