Security Groups Part 1

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everyone Welcome to this lecture on security groups that this is gonna be kind of like a two part of thing. We're gonna talk about the definition of security groups and then I'm gonna go into the council and kind of show you a little bit about what I'm talking about. So let's go ahead and dive into it.
Security groups are basically firewalls that are built into eight of us whenever you're spending open, easy to instance, you have toe have at least one security group, so it's just part of the process. If you don't want to actually set it up, they're gonna set it up for you.
And the cool thing about security groups is that they start with denying everything
that may not be cool to you or to everybody, but it is the most secure thing to Dio and we are on cyber. Very. And, you know, this is just part of the culture, you know, we want to make sure that we're securing our infrastructure. We're securing our systems, so
that's a good way to start, right? Deny everything that way. Maybe it's not functional, but it at least this secure Um so I know. You know, when you're when you're having to
build a server, you want thio avoid as much traffic inbound and outbound as possible. So denying everything is really good, safe way to do it that way. I have to D'oh
is remember to allow the certain things that you need access to secure building Web Server
You're gonna wanna open up. Sssh, maybe. And you're gonna want open up for 80 and port 443 And if you were creating a web server and you're opening up port 22 for S H, you may only want Thio limit support 22 to a specific I p address. Like your office.
Maybe you're a VPN. We're all users, whether the remote or in the office,
you can have access to things like that. So, yeah, let's go ahead and dive into the console. That way, you guys can go ahead and see what I'm talking about here
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