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This wrap up review the overall key factor of the Security Architecture and Design Chapter, and then highlights the main components you can expect to see on your CISSP exam. You'll have a nice quick review of the Elements of Security Architecture, Protection Mechanisms, Security Kernel & references Model, Security Models and lastly, Evaluation Criteria, what testability factor is given and what study techniques should be employed to prepare for this subject on the CISSP exam.

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all right. Now that wraps up system, architecture and design. It's not a huge chapter. Honestly, if I were to focus on two big pieces, it would be on the security models, especially the 1st 4 Bella Padula, bib Clark Wilson, Brewer Nash. And then I would focus on being familiar with evaluation criteria.
I put this, in my opinion, as about seven or eight
in test ability, meaning I'd be surprised if you saw more than 10 12 questions from this chapter. So don't over study this. Sometimes this chapter is a little tough for people because they don't implement
Clark Wilson or Brewer Nash in their work, so they get kind of tangled up in some of the security models. What I want you to do is I want you to memorize what you need to know. Okay, memorize what Bella popular is memorized Bible. Clark Wilson, Brewer Nash. If it's not something that you do on a daily basis and by,
you know, implementing Bella Popular, you would have to be somebody that
develops operating systems, you know, really? So it may not be something as tangible for us. Some of the other chapters you could take back and implemented work. That's okay. You have to have this information. This is a little bit of an academic chapter, I think in my mind,
but understand the principles of this. Why is it even in here if it's academic? Because
this talks about the secure design of a system. If I don't design that system securely, it doesn't matter what security I tried to tack on later, So understanding their fundamental considerations, I take in designing and building a system that's important. Okay, so you may have to do just some brute force memorization in the chapter, and that's okay.
It's not gonna be a huge chapter on the Sam, and they're usually pretty
straightforward with with what they cover. No, those security models know the evaluation criteria.

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