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This section focuses on Computer Architecture with an examination of the hardware aspect of designing a security infrastructure. You'll gain basic hardware knowledge about logical hardware functions, basic arithmetic logic and how they compute, learn basic computing and hardware terminology, and how all those components function in relation to what you need to know in setting up a security infrastructure.

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So we're gonna begin by looking at computer architecture. Now, I'll tell you, um, the next couple of slides feel a little bit, sort of like an A plus hardware class, and I'm gonna assume that if you're taking the C I S S P exam, one of two things would be correct.
First of all, you're somebody that's been in the technical realm for a while, and you've got the hardware experience and that you can define would've register is how that's different than cash memory. What an arithmetic logic unit is. What's what's RAM versus Rahm versus Virtual storage?
So my assumption is that either you fall into that category where you know this information already
or you fall in the category of somebody that doesn't have that hardware background but hasn't needed to based on their career. Now this really isn't the type of exam that asks you, ah, what the arithmetic logic unit of a CPU does or how is ran different than rum. That's sort of material that you would either have
prior to this class where you wouldn't use in your job.
This is a little bit more hardware focus, more technical focus than I think you would need. So I'm gonna go through these slides fairly quickly. You know, obviously the heart and soul of a system and one of the most trusted elements must be the processor, the central processing unit and the central processing unit being the chip that handles
Ah, arithmetic and logical functions
also have several other elements to help the processor perform the work that it needs to do the arithmetic logic unit again, those sort of logical functions that the process

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