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We continue Cybrary's CISSP course with an examination of Security Architecture and Design. It's broken into 4 subsections plus a content & exam review, and nicely details enterprise, network, platform architectures, and other essential components. You'll learn what a Security Architecture is, what elements comprise its design focus, and we'll look at protection mechanisms and the role the security kernel plays. You'll also learn about security modules such as Park-Wilson, evaluate criteria such as Orange Book and how it used, and we'll wrap up with cloud computing and the types of security challenges the virtual world brings with it. Our discussion begins with a discussion on the goals of any information system security system, what's required to support those goals and how those decisions determine the tradeoffs made for balancing business need vs. securing the businesses information and assets.

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Enterprise Security Architecture

A framework for applying a comprehensive method of describing the current and future structure for an organization?s security processes so that they align with the company?s overall strategic direction

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Kelly Handerhan
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