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Hello and welcome to side Berries Cop Tia Certified Van Secreted Practitioners Certification purpose. Of course,
this is a continuation off marginal eight, which is title secure Network configuration here again are they object? This which encompasses this particular margin. Number eight. What we gonna do now? Focus attention on the discussion off securing and communication.
Let's begin by first are taking a look at pre assessment course in this is actually a true or false statement. Here you had to determine whether or not it is true or in fact, maybe perhaps it's false.
The statement is as follows Unified Communications Systems, an industry term that describes all forms of business communication. Whether be audio video, multimedia data, text messaging. Is that true or false?
If you should let the truth, that's absolutely true. Statement.
Let's begin by taking a look at the agenda item, communication security,
unified communications systems and industry term that describes all forms of business communication, whether the audio video, multimedia data, text and messaging. We also have Web conferencing. We want a memory, an employer webcams, and we'll make sure we use a reputable vendor. Ramesh implies that fishes security controls will file sharing
we want to utilize. Invite passwords will keep that communication inside the corporate network and use a TBS
because it's much more secure than the traditional. Http were also employed. Video conversant We were doing that point, I want to say well covered the PC and laptop Web camera microphone when they're not in use.
We also have instant messaging
with instant message wanted. Take unauthorized instant messaging using network devices. When a train I used to deal with file transfer appropriately, were you secure channels for your authorized again instant messaging?
Would desktop sharing
part of that process determined Authorized access before and block unauthorized access on it for unauthorized access? Attempt as well trained. You're used to put to prepare for sharing by RA movements. Instant data.
We've got a remote assist on it and MARTA does. That Half access
force of presence will allow users to see a person availability calendar where they're looking at in terms of communication for his e mail train. I used to be prepared for spear phishing links and attachments. Implements secure an encrypted transfer when it's feasible.
Well, you guys a telephone and you want to make sure we change the default PBX path words and our access attempts as well.
Voice over i p in terms of security implementation, voice transfer using Internet protocol we want employs encryption when they're over here, does not lead to quality loss. Ensure physical protection on the network ports to reduce the risk of replicating ports and copying on encrypted traffic.
Rulers makes you re segment are voice over i p trap that you lies in the lands
and the only device you can implement a villain on is a switch and the purpose of increased the quality of signal and security. We consider the security of the physical device is being used for voice over i p In regards to remote access, make sure you're shooting authentication credentials are not intercepted.
Will implement proper access control Weatherby do radius in diameter
Considered a network of where products that enabled different sets of firewall rules outside of the corporate network, we want to make sure we march remote access attempts and data transactions as well.
Enterprise configuration mansion of our mobile devices determine the risk versus the benefit and how much access is actually necessary. You also wanna consider implementing following the ability to remotely right. Little devices, particularly the devices, happen to get in their hands or get perhaps get stolen.
Personal corporate data separation. We will make sure implore application white listing of black listing,
mandatory use the training
and an ability to disable unnecessary service. Also, we want to make sure we pay particular attention to configuration management,
secure external communication, VP ends or virtual private networks can secure otherwise none. Security protocols, you know, avoid treating VP and clients in the same manner as a typical PC as they may be compromised with man. Where here, get on the different types of VP and types, you have the letter too tight forwarding
heir to TP now two ton and protocol.
We also have point to point tunneling protocol as well as I p SEC.
Secure implementation of collaboration platforms,
collaboration to historical implement, limited security. So we want to make sure we dedicate all uses prior to the actual use implement roll base, execute Children. Should that need to know, we make sure we lost overall systems and individual content access attempts and and also apply data laws, procedures as well as various tools
force prioritises traffic. We have a term call quality of service. We wanna make sure we're privatised Network traffic based on the business needs. UDP Basic service is such as your voice and video can handle package laws, while your TCP, such as 80 SMTP cannot handle what we call package loss.
The quality of service game. Gonna make terms of architecture. We want to make sure we integrate The service is using resource reservation protocol to tell other network devices to set some traffic as guaranteed or high priority beforehand were also my work. Should we different? Eight Service's other words this service. Prioritize information.
Hi sent with the actual traffic package
Mobile devices You Secure configuration guys such as those that available from again, and NASA Institute of Standards or Ness
Bester Publication 800. That's 1 24 specific outline. The guidelines for cell phones, as was your P. D. A s, are expressive publication 800. That's one to know one bill, specifically guy to Bluetooth type security.
We'll make sure we employed data arrest, encryption, wind possible and the purpose to abort the risk of losing data after the loss of a device. Also ensure that the firmware software security patches or apply it soon after they become available. At this point time, we come to a post assessment courses, and the question is as follows.
Which of the following is an early example of a turning protocol that does not provide authentication or confidentiality? Is the A L too
out? Two F B I p sec
c point a point Time and protocol, or l to tp
the correct response should have been l two f,
and our upcoming presentation would be taking your turn our attention toward a discussion on Margin on eight, which is a key takeaway, which is titled Secure Network Configuration. Look forward to seeing you in a very next video.
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