3.17 Scanning Techniques Lab Part 8 EH

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Video Transcription
Hi. Welcome back to the course. And the last video. We wrapped up our section on end map Acknowledgement scans. So we end up on the Russell ran another acknowledgment scan to see if Port 80 was showing us filter unfiltered.
In that example, it started showing us filter because we had turned out Windows firewall
in this lab. We're gonna start talking about h ping three. So in this lab, we're gonna do since can with h Ping three.
So I've already connected to Windows 10 Desktop. If you haven't go ahead, connected that now and then. Also launch your calorie terminal window if it's not already open. So step one and step two. And now we're on to step three here.
So we're gonna type in this command for H Ping. So this dash eight enable scan mood.
Then we specify the number of the port range that we want to skin
this Dash Capital s is gonna set our sin flag to rather since can And then finally, we just have our target I p address. Let's go ahead and type that in.
So we're gonna type in lower case H Ping three all one word
next word of type of space and then dash eight
space 0-5000. So no space in between those
than another space a dash in a capital s for arson flag
and then a space, and then our i p address our target i p so 1 92.168 dot 0.1 And we're gonna go ahead and run that it's gonna take a moment. So it's skinning 5000 ports, so it's going to see if any are open or closed or not. So let's come back to our lab document while it does that.
So question number one here, Did you receive any response to the scandal? So we see right there took a moment, but it's showing that we do have a lot of responses to the scan. A lot of ports have responded to us and we don't actually see any of that. Have not responded. So if yes, lets some of the results here. So what I would suggest doing is finding some that have a name with them
and then just listing those
on our lab document here so we'll just do the one I highlighted there. We're gonna say port 48 99 our admin dash port.
So what we're doing here is just kind of gathering some information on her scan of seeing different ports that may or may not be responding to us.
So in this video, we just did a quick since scan and we check to see if we got any response to that scan and the next video. We're actually gonna go ahead and run our first acknowledgment scan in H being three to see what kind of results we get back.
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