3.11 Scanning Techniques Lab Part 2 EH

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Video Transcription
I welcome back to the course and the last video we just enabled Apache Web service is on the server. We also looked up the i p address of the server
in this video. We're to go ahead and run a map half connect scan,
so let's go ahead and get started. So in step number one, we're gonna show you how to collect connect to the Windows 10 desktop. So this plaque when? 10. So go ahead, just click on the name there,
and our next step here is we're gonna double click on the VSC viewer option. So if we look at our step number two double click fianc? Viewer, and then we're also gonna make sure that the I p address of our county machine is already in their force. If not, we're gonna type it in.
So double click on that is gonna take a second. Open up.
You'll see. Here we have the 1 92.168 dot 0.3
and we see that same I P address right here. So we don't have to type that in our next step Here. Step forwards is clicking. Connect. We'll go over here it is Quick connect, and it's gonna ask us for the password. So if you remember from previous labs, it's gonna be this password right here. So again, that zero and not a capital O so prototype in that password. So the capital p
than lower case A s S W and then the number zero
and then lower cased r and D and then either hit enter. Just click on. Okay.
And I take a moment. So that's gonna launch her little Callie desktop for us.
So our next step step seven. Here's to double click on the route icon.
So the root terminal icon. Now, if you remember from previous labs, if you see that air message, just say okay to that and go and close that pop up box.
So next we're gonna double click on the Rue Terminal icon that's gonna open our terminal window for us.
All right, so you see now we're at the command prompt there.
Let's go back to our lab document here. So we see that
we opened up the terminal icon there, and it's launched a terminal for us. So now, step eight, we're gonna type this particular command here so N map space dash lower case s capital s space and then 1 92.168
address of that Windows server. We were just on,
uh, it's stalling. The Apache Web service is and also check in the i p. Address.
So let's go ahead and take that. Now you want to type and map all over case
we're gonna put a space and then a dash in the lower case s and then a capital s
a space and then we're just gonna type R I P address a 102.168 dot 0.1.
All right, go ahead, Hit. Enter on her keyboard there.
So basically, since we didn't specify any port range at all what this command is gonna do, it's gonna perform a seance can
on 1000 well known ports on the particular Tarbert target. And so, basically, we're trying to see our or any of these ports open it all.
You'll see. Obviously, we don't have 1000 results because not all of the ports are open on the server.
So did we get any results back? So, yes, we get we dig your results back. And so we see that all these ports are open that we got back here.
All right. In this video, we talked about the end map. Half connects Cannes, and we went ahead and typed it in, and we got some results back.
And the next video, we're gonna talk about the full connects can within map.
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