3.10 Scanning Techniques Lab Part 1 EH

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Video Transcription
I welcome back to the course in the previous lab, we went over checking for open ports with N map in H Ping three.
In this set of labs, we're gonna talk about using and map and age paying three to skin networks. So in this first video, we're actually just gonna enable our web service is on the server, and then we're also going to check the i. P. Address of the server as well.
So I want to mention that the requirement for the slap is a cyber lab environment. So this particular lab is found there.
Now, you certainly can set up your own net your own home network in a virtual machines that you contest and everything. But we're not gonna cover that in this particular lab. It'll
so step number one here, log into the cyber labs of here are not already loved in there in the selected ethical hacker practice leads
your next gonna select the implementing scanning techniques lab, which is 1/3 option down.
And then you click start, and that's gonna bring it to where I am right here.
So you want to make sure you turn on all the virtual machines. If they're off so again, just hover over them and you'll click the turn on option
minor early on. So I don't have to do that.
And I also want to mention that if for some reason it's not coming up after you turned it on, just click that refresh button at the bottom of whichever device it is, and it should clear that problem up for you.
So now we're at step number six here. We want to connect to PL A B s a 01 so already done. So just just click on the name there
and then Step seven. If the server manager window pops up, we're gonna go ahead and close that. So you see, it does pop up here, which is gonna click the ex there to close that.
So now we move on to step eight. So now we want to click the X A M p p icon from the taskbar.
So we're screwed onto our task bar and we see that
orange colored icon there. That's gonna be the one we want. You see if I let my mouth sit there, it says x a M p P, and that's gonna control panel. So go ahead and click on that.
It might take a moment or so to pull up for us.
So what that's gonna do is that's gonna enable our Apache Web service is
for us on poor 80.
So step number nine. We're gonna minimize the exam, Consul now.
All right,
then we're gonna move on to step number 10. So we're just gonna launch the command prompt, and then we're gonna actually search for that I p address.
So the way we do that, we just come down to our start menu here, just right, click
and go to run. And you can just type cmd
that will open up our command, prompt for us.
So we'll get our next step on step 11. We're gonna type I p config. So all of our case,
and then that's gonna allow us to see the actual i p. Address of the machine. So at our window here, we're in a type i p c o N f i g. And they just hit Enter.
So you'll see it shows the C I. P. Fi four address of this particular server. So 1 92.168 dot 0.1.
So let's go back to our lab document here. So we see question number one, What's the i P address of the machine? So remember, that is 1 92.168 dot 0.1.
So again, we find that information right here.
So in this lab, we just went over setting up or Apache Web service to get that running. And then we also went over finding the i p. Address of our server machine.
In the next video, we're gonna actually gonna go ahead and use end map and start performing are different scans and that video were to perform the half connect skin.
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