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This Scanning lab discusses DNS Enumeration. DNS Enumeration is an easy to use DNS host interrogation tool. It's a script utility that a runs a report summarizing the host address, all public records, name servers, IPs, zone transfers and mail servers.

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in this video. I want to talk to you about D N s enumeration.
Don't forget to check out all the videos on T ns IVs Really good videos on how to use diggin. Uh, and it's look up and there's a variety of DNAs interrogation tools that Callie offers. So you have Kelly Lennox information gathering D. N s analysis.
So you have D N s dictionary attacks D N s e knew MME de ns map the n s re kon
Dennis Walker melt ego and map. And, of course, the front entrance and map, um, Zen map.
So we're gonna demonstrate de ns enumeration here and Gina's inem orations really, really easy tool. And it gives you a nice little report. You could do all of this manually, But you know why I do it manually when you can just, you know, have an automated toll. Do it for you. We're gonna do a d n S e N u m
against our host, which in this case, we're gonna be Vernet dot com and we're just gonna let this run.
Okay, So in this case, what you can see is you know that it's basically a script that runs it, says Vernet dot com. Here's the host address so you can see the records, and these are all public addresses. So when outside of the world, and grab the rial Burnett dot com then you've got the name servers.
You know d s redirection dot com on a different number. Thin the to await
so they may be close to each other, but they're still in different networks.
Ah, the mail service. If it could find it, um, zone transfers, if you can find it. So it's trying to zone. Just transfer it for Vernet that calm on the name server and it basically says that the query has failed.
Um, and if you worry, would which is roosted Lee? What should happen from a defense if one of you. But let's say that for some from example for a net that come was
bad or Miss Configured or Advil and abilities, then we would basically get that zone table right here. Um, then also buying versions. Server failed. Well, it's not a particular find. DNF, uh, also couldn't get his own transfer from the secondary name server. Easy either,
And give us a little summary basically as yet.
So the cool part is, is when you run this pool, you get a summary of what host? What name? Servers. What mail servers. And I like this on his own Transfer. So Well, the reason why you like this tool is because instead of basically doing four separate commands, you run one command and it gives you four separate results. So
this is Deanna's enumeration. It's a D N s interrogation tool.
It's relatively easy to use. Um
ah, she goes One more thing D N s e Noon. If you just type Indiana. So noone here. Don't forget you can look at some of the other advanced options of this. It's real easy just to do a sanity check in pointed against your host. But if you want to get a little creative with this, you certainly can do this.
Okay, you can have for Bo's output.
Um, you can do the number of Google pages to process eso. It does have some Freddy pretty interesting advanced ah features here. Maybe I'll cover that in a later video. But for now, I just want to show you
Hey, we always runner tool. We do our help file. We running against the target, we get our output, we document that.
And then we went to the next test. And then once you have all of your system in place, then you can go back through, make sense out of all of your reports, and then find out realistically what parts you want up pursue, you know, and how you can tweak those reports to make sense.
So my name's Leo Dragger. Thanks for watching. And I'll see you guys in the next video. Don't forget the check us out on Facebook, Lincoln, YouTube and Twitter.

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