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This lesson continues where the last left off with Domain Naming System (DNS). Essentially, DNS is a database which has information on the systems and services within an organization and is a collection of records. DNS catalogs every domain and IP address on the internet and location in relation to other domains and web hosts. Participants in this lesson learn about the following DNS records: 1. Hosts - A - FDQN* to IP - AAAA - FDQN to IPv6 2. PTR - IP to FQDN 3. MX - Mail Exchange 4. SOA - Start of Authority 5. NS - Name Servers 6. SRV - Service Record *FQDN = Fully Qualified Domain Name

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Strategic DNS Ops and Security

Domain Name Servers (DNS) are the Internet's equivalent of a phone book. They maintain a directory of domain names and translate them to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses

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