Video Transcription

This is the last slide in the watch. We start using the product when we run a scan. There are four different ways that we can actually run a scan. So there's the guided scan wizard, which I'll show you. The guided scan was is exactly what it says. It's a wizard weapons Buck will walk you through the scanning process, and it will attempt to make recommendations
on how to configure the scan for the optimum results.
So if you've never run a weapon's spec scan before or you're scanning a site that you've never scanned before, you might want to run a guided scan because I'll give you the best chance of actually coming up with the best results. The basic scam wizard will run a scam, but it requires you to set all of the settings. So if you really know what you're doing
or you're scanning a sight you're familiar with,
you could run a basic scan. All right,
Enterprise can basically is just the port scanner. It's not actually a weapon's spec scan. It will go out and scan your network and identify all the Web applications on your network and then the scan schedule or is just a way to schedule a scan
to be running at a later point in time. You can actually run two weapons back scans at the same time from a single install. I would caution you that weapons back consumes a fair amount of resource is so I don't know if I would recommend that, but it is possible to actually do.

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