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This lesson focuses on de-perimeterization. De-perimeterization is the concept of having to work about attackers across the Internet or people connecting to a company server from home. Companies are no longer just one office that needs to be secure; it's now a very far reaching device. Today, companies need to deal with the following issues and how they relate to security:

  • Corporate IT versus BYOT (bring your own technology, i.e. using your own personal iPad as a work device)
  • Android and iOs
  • Laptop and traditional OSes
  • Securing enterprise

Devices need to be secure via network access control (NAC), companies can check to make sure a device is safe by making sure it has up to date virus protection and a secure firework before they can connect to a corporate network.

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In our online CompTIA CASP training, you will learn how to integrate advanced authentication, how to manage risk in the enterprise, how to conduct vulnerability assessments and how to analyze network security concepts and components.

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