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This lesson focuses on risk management, which is an umbrella term to describe anything that's being done in relation to risk. This lessons discusses:

  • Risk assessment
  • Risk analysis: qualitative and quantitative
  • Risk mitigation: reduce, accept, transfer

The most important part of risk management is identifying the risk and how to mitigate that risk using qualitative and quantitative analysis methods. It is important to keep a paper trail documenting the decision made when handling a risk to show responsibility and caution. Business continuity and disaster recovery planning are the safety net under risk management; these are in place for events that are low probability but high impact (i.e., a flood wiping out resources in a building). These allow for a smooth transition to allow a business to keep moving forward.

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In our online CompTIA CASP training, you will learn how to integrate advanced authentication, how to manage risk in the enterprise, how to conduct vulnerability assessments and how to analyze network security concepts and components.

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