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This lesson discusses how knowing what vendors a company works with and what products they have on their network is a good method to evaluate threats and vulnerabilities.

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um, other things, you know. Know your vendors. What products do you have on your network There Many RCs feeds that you can stay apart off. Microsoft. Cisco, Adobe It doesn't matter who the vendor is. Every vendor puts out security related information. You can follow them in their feeds.
You could go to the website. The feeds could be aggregated onto a security page so that you have
all of this information across multiple vendors. But the bottom line is this field is rapidly changing. Threats are evolving, the good guys and the bad guys. The lines are getting blurred
as a technician, as an engineer, as an administrator, as a senior official, I must stay knowledgeable. There is no shortage of resource is it's finding the budget, finding the time in order to attend these conferences and order
to take the time to review the feeds and the logs and so on.

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