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Video Transcription
Hello everybody welcomes Lesson 7.5 recommendations. My name is on 100 Gina, and I'll be your instructor for the day's lesson.
In this video, you will identify and understand through a case study some key points to consider when implementing covet in your business.
Recognizing the need of industries expert in carving, the local consulting company in Jordan called Scan Wave was hired to create a strategic plan to assist banks in meeting this heart requirements and providing the proper or training.
This is why training and awareness in carpet is a key factor in jet implementation, so could have some finishing this course. By the way, you guys, this is a boat or final radio.
The plan to provide that the plan provided this can wave included the following key task
provide ice a compliant process capability assessment easing. They certified Carpet assessors
provide road maps to meet the standards, which include practices and activities required to close the gap between the current and the required capability. Levels provide a system to the banks in the barriers areas required to meet the CB *** Standards Center by banker off Jordan Remember
Bill Ample and Polish government's framework
conduct frequent proper reflections, presenting the current status off progress towards the target capability levels. Report complaints towards each milestone
overall, using covetous and stoner has been successful. Aside from simply meeting the requirements, banks are finding that they have, you know, a renewed level of quality in the areas of I T policies enterprise architect or risk management security on business continuity.
Uh, just to name a few
as expected, A primary goal is to continue to maintain the current process capability levels. Why? Well, working the words The target's kept targets capability on continually improve the governance, the monitoring profiles of the Jordanian banks with regards to I t
increasing the ballet proposition off the IittIe organizations will assist in the integration with the latest regulations are requirement cyber Security, J. D. P. R. And so, uh,
one of the predominance lessons learned in regards to training Um oh, you know, if you're not well trained to again tutors and finishing this course, if you're not properly trained or least know the basics of covet, you will most likely be overwhelmed.
Well, a lot of task and some of them in necessary.
So your implementation.
Although several banks are currently conducting covering fight courses or come in 2019 courses as well. The journey will have been much more efficient if Training West conduct at the start of the process, because at the end they will be able to know you know how to implement that or how to understand
the process is or what you know,
what questions do you need to ask yourself? Remember those ever questions are with that jury. Are we there yet? Where do we're gonna go? Where are we right now? So all those questions it will be much more sense to you if you already have the basics of carpet.
In many cases, in many cases, Bank Start did not know essential details of carpet during their initial assessment, which led to, you know, awkward initial assessment and then lead to some kind of ah ha moment several months later, when the tending to the coverage training course
because you know they're there.
They were just implementing the
the process in the material levels, the capability levels. But, you know, they didn't realize how to do it or what questions to ask. In order to move forward
to the four uh,
main Annie. Seek recommendations caught I can give you for carpet are
1st 1 implement training and awareness programs for covet and many other i T business certification programs. If you're again, if you're not familiarized, would covet. Implemented will be way, way harder, and it should.
The 2nd 1 is to understand the business context, no goals, regulations, culture and so on.
There. One is to understand what assets play a main role in achieving those goals or made the stakeholders expectations. And Final One is to understand how I t can help achieve these golds. You know, to actually create value
regardless off industry or size off cos need governance. On with that, Nate comes multiple frameworks, models and standards
using covered to assess in the integration of a holistic approach to governance. While managing multiple multiple best prices, standards and regulations will ultimately help made the government bowls of meeting stakeholders needs covered in garbage has many tools and techniques
in the product architecture that can be adopt
to reduce the exhaustion off. Managing multiple. Feinberg's allow the enterprise to focus on Bali
mentioned at least one recommendation that I told you or that's can wave actually, uh,
don't told the Jordanian backs, for example, Ah,
Bill and Polish government's framework that would be a one recommendation for some provide assistance to the banks in the area is required to meet the city j standers report compliance the worst Each milestone, for example,
mentioned one is recombination to implement implement right away. Well, if you ask me and you tell your telling me that you actually want to implement covet right away in your business or in your enterprise I will say, ah,
make all the personnel, you know, train all the personnel you make awareness programs
for copy stake They make sense to them. I mean, so they don't see it as another problem. I problematic publication to implement or more work or whatever. Just tell him that by implementing covet, you will be actually trying to
make i t. To help the business to achieve the business goals
which are ultimately, you know, that the business needs are to create value for the stakeholders. Once you do, you get the executive management on board. Are you know, the comedies or whatever their structure is?
And once you convince, isn't that that implementing covered would actually drive value
for them or to help the team help achieve the business goals. You know, you will be. So it that will be all you know you can understand. Another is to understand the business, the business context. Where are the goals where the regulations you have to comply with What is the culture? Are you are You know, uh,
when something new comes out, do you buy it right away,
or do you wait a couple of years to do so?
Um, you know, understand what assets play a main role. For example, you can conduct your business impact analysis, but for do that for To do that, you first have to, uh,
get your asset inventory. It means you have to get, you know, a list off. What about assets they have in the company?
And, you know, after you have all of these the business contacts, that business impact analysis, all your personnel is trained, you can actually actually start seeing how I taking actually help to achieve those goals. I mean, maybe I t can increase
um, the webpage for ceilings
like, for example, he can increase to two with straw with shown For example, I know
50 50,000 transactions per second animal. Whatever I t can do to help the business gold, you have to find it right away
in today's video with this custom key points to consider when implementing covet in your business
supplementary materials That's always orwell us this for this lessons. I sack framework, introduction and methodology and you know the other two sisters.
Well, that's it for today, folks. I hope India deberia and Tactician.
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