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Video Transcription
Welcome to Francisco CCMP Switch turning red one on five Example up. My name is Phil. Intentionally on in today's every sort, we're gonna focus on spiting tree. Whenever you introduce redundant links between your switches, there's always the possibility of creating a switch and loop addresses concern The catalyst Switches Runs an instance of spun in tree
for a villain
by default. Spine entry performs an election to determine our route Bridge among all your switches All ports in the root bridge are in the forward in ST
their tree moods of spine entry you consent in the switch The default being p p S D, which is for a PBS D plus P V S d basically stands for pervy land spine entry, the second being rapid for villains spanning three plus, which offers faster convergence time on fuel. Report states on the last being MST
are multiple responding tree.
There's basically groups freelance. The incense is by default. Allah villains arm up the instant zero. If you have any sort of resource issues anyway, want to choose MST the changes finding free mood for within global conflict. We would use you to command spine entry mode and then we would specify despondent free mood.
Very funny. We would easy to come on the show A spine entry
under Get more details. We can you see the command show spine Injury detail Under get a brief overview. We can use you to command show spine entry Summary. If we would like to set up MST, you're for us or into the MST configuration. But you see in a command, respond entry M A C configuration. Next, you would give the region a name
by using the name. Come on. And then you would specify a name for your region.
So all your switches are gonna have the same name
next? He would specify a revision number on all of your switches needs to have the same revision number. Then we would specify the keyword instance on. We would specify an instance I d By default. All of the freelance belongs the instant zero.
So if you want a group your villains outside of the default Instant zero, it would specify a number order than zero.
Then you would specify the keyword villain.
Following this, you specify the villains that you wanna sign that a particular instance? Then you would exit out of the MST configuration mode
on. The last step would be to change the switches spotting three mood the mst by issuing a command respond entry mode mst
Finally you can Very funny by using a command show spotting free MST configuration on this will show you the present MST configuration within the switch. You can also run the command show spine entry mst. I'm gonna bring up a lot. No so you can see how we would work. But it's finding three modes on if we want to set up amnesty how we would do that? I'm gonna configure a spine entry
between an awake or one And why Court two on N Y Axis one. I've gone ahead
on set up drunk in
between The tree switches additionally, have also created a poor channel between and white core one on and work work too. But I've also set up of e t P D. Moments are villains are being trunk across on create another villain on N Y core one. So we have two villains to play with the view the existence finding three mode We can do show spine injury on here. We'll see it says IEEE,
which is the P V S d plus, said IEEE relates to the Ito to that one day. The original standards and Cisco's implementation here in this, which is P. V S d plus. What that means is, if we look here, it says villain one. But when I continue to stroke, you will also see another instance of spine entry for villain five.
In addition,
don't correspond entry instance or villain authority. Another useful command is a show of spine entry. Summary command on this output is much cleaner to read. You can see the switches and P P s steamboat assimilates PTSD plus. In addition to that, we can see the various ports states in C block in listening, learning and forward in.
There's also a disabled state saying Total.
It's five states, but only four displayed because so do the show spine entry and specify a particular villain. It's everyone look at will, and 30 on this is gonna show us just the information for real and 30 for a villain spot in three plus or P V s D plus would not skill. Well, when you have large among the villains,
when you have some sort of hardware resource issues.
So we're gonna change the spine and free, and we then use rapid spiting free. And as we can see, we have the tree Moz, which was listed on the slights. So we'll choose Rapid on after this demonstration. Then we'll configure MST Notice, which is running rapid p v S t. One good way we can tell is by using the show spine entry summary common on from this output, we can see the switch is in rapid TVs, demoed.
And if we do the show spine entry,
I specify a villain here. It says ira STP So you may see rapid PTSD or you may see higher STP. We can see some water using information such as priority costs. The rules for reports and so on will discuss these in subsequent videos will also discuss how we can
said a switch to be the route, though, despite entry Goldman
and also, if we want to specify a switch to be the backup route in the subsequent videos to follow now, we would need to make this change on the other two switches so quickly over to and why Court two on n Y Axis one. And she and its doors to the rapids financially. Also merry go.
So no voluntary switches are run in rapid spine and free no one, not a useful Come on is the show spot entry details. Come on.
So rapid spine and free is we're faster than P V s t plus No, we'll configure MST So the conficker mst we're going to the embassy configuration world on here. We would give the region a name. Really specify a revision number on this is the key here where we specify instance, if we use the default instance of zero by default, all villains arm up
the instant zero.
So the proved up we can do show find entry mst configuration And here we can see Instant Zero is the default instance that is running in the switch for backwards compatibility. And we can see all of the villains is currently Mopti Instant zero. So we'll create our own instance on here will specify villain authority, which we just created.
No real exit out of the spine and free configuration mode. On the last step is the changes finding free mode
exit now to show spying tree embassy configuration looks much better. We can see the name for a region CCMP like ways we can see the revision on. We consider new instance, which we can figure it on. Currently, only one villain is much so now we would need to configure this identical conflict on each of the other two switches. The show's financially MST.
Come on. We can specify
which one of the instance you want to look at
and this will give us useful information pertaining to MST. Likewise, the detail option will give us even more granular information pertaining to MST Know when we round this command shows spine tree Amnesty one. From here, we can see
at both ports are being blocked. So now I'm going to go across the n Y core one and in a week or two and do the same conflict
creates I'm Eric on thick changes on daughter two switches on Previously when Iran the show's find Free amnesty One command we're seeing P p S t the I N. C means inconsistency. When I finish making the changes, we've got a nice message telling us
that the P V s T simulation inconsistency was cleared on the poor. Channel one interferes. So when everyone is common, we no longer see P V S D inconsistency under the type column. Also, from this output, we can see the local bridges mark address
on the priority. In addition to the Root Bridges Mac address on her. Woodbridge is priority in this case and why Court to is not the route if we hop over to and like or one of our keys and y axis. One
is the root bridge, as we can see here as it says, route. This switch for MST one, but you would want to change is because you would not want your access layer device to be their woodbridge in your switch network. All right, let's go back to the slides.
We have a post assessment question, which come on Matt's villain. 50. The instance. Two on their embassy configuration.
A instance to Villain 50
Be villain. 50 instance, too
or C Instant zero villain. One.
The 4094.
And the answer is C.
Instance to Villain 50.
In today's episode, we started off with spine and free
looking at the various modes. Next we have a demo where he changed his spine and three more There were up. It's finding free.
And then we're very fight its changes. And finally we configure it. Amnesty on all three switches on were very fight its conflicts in the next episode will continue responding. Tree this time, folks him on the switch priorities sport priorities that cost SPD timers. This is Philip occasionally in a one Thank you *** in cyber.
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