Protecting the Network through Detection and Network Access Control

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All right. Next to pieces. Last two pieces of network protection. We have inspection and detection on this slide. Not really gonna spend time here because we've already talked about the benefits of sniffers and intrusion detection systems. Honey pots and I'll mention that a group of honey pots is called the Honey Net.
It's there to look like a sub net that's available. Vulnerable
law reviews we've talked about be proactive with your log reviews and an internal versus external audit. They're both can be objective, and they both have pros and cons, right? You have a greater control over the audit if its internal external might give you more objectivity.
But the last piece that I want to talk about his network access control it's referred to his neck network access control. And the whole purpose of Nak is to protect your network your environment from unhealthy systems so
Nak will allow access to a system or resource or service
based on help.
And if you think about help oven individual system, what would make up a healthy system?
Well, for one thing, it wouldn't have viruses, right? So does the system have anti virus software that's up to date,
doesn't have a firewall, Doesn't have spyware protection. Does it allow audit? Or does it? This this this and this have firewall, whatever. So, with network access control, this is really best applied on laptops for your employees that travel and connect lots of different networks.
They're much more susceptible to getting garbage on their systems.
So before we allow that system to come back to our whole to their whole network, if you will and connect to the network, they have to be able to prove to our validation server that they're healthy. Okay,
so obviously they're moving pieces to this. You've gotta have a next server. You've gotta have that. You could have to have a service that understands knack like D H E P. For instance,
you're gonna have to have a client that runs next software, so it's not quite as easy as it sounds to implement. But ultimately, when you have these moving pieces together, then you're ultimately going to be able to have a lot better control. And it's not like you just have to deny or allow access.
It's someone doesn't. If a system doesn't have any virus software, for instance,
you could relocate them to an isolated sub net that has an any virus server, right? They can download that software than they can come back and access the main network. So Nak is a really nice feature. Like I said, it's all about help of the client.
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