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Video Transcription
Hi, guys. Welcome back. I'm Katherine McKeever, and in this in today's lesson, we're gonna go over project management tools, so switching gears a little bit from our last few modules where we've really been focusing on persuasion and stakeholder Buy in for this module. We're going to go over a really high level introduction,
two basic project management tools,
basically a list of what we're going to go over in our next few modules.
So a couple of things on basic project management tools that I want to go over before we jumped way, way in the 1st 1 is this is a basic introduction. Is you decided that project management is your get down and you are super jazzed about it.
I would strongly recommend you check out the other cyber recourses on it.
There's a course on basic project management, and there is a course on PMP Prep, which is, um, the PM. It is the Project Management Institute that air the certifying entity for project managers
and PMP is project management professional. It is the gold standard for project management certification. If this is
turns out to be your life calling,
the next aspect is a little bit of a mia culpa for you guys. Project management is my weakest topic in Lean and Six Sigma. So I know the tools. I know how to use the tools,
But any examples that I give you from real life may or may not have been that successful. So I'm going to try and stay out of war story land for you.
With that, we're actually going to go over four major project management tools. These we're gonna be core for you. And the reason why I have selected these four is these will show up in your greenbelt certification exam. So if you are really passionate about Lean and Six Sigma, which
I hope you are
on and you decide that you want to get certified so that you could be a process analyst or support your organization in that capacity, you're going to want tohave an awareness of these four tools. So we're going to go over
not to say that I'm teaching to the test because no buddy does that. But if I were what we're going to go over and the next four modules should cover the questions that you will be asked in your green boat certification. So we're gonna do the critical path method, which has to do with a timeframe
we're going to do with Gant charts Also, timeframe and reporting. We're gonna do pert or program evaluation and review technique. This one of the ones we're going over is my favorite,
and we're gonna look at project risk analysis, which is a little bit different. And then some of the risk analysis lean six sigma tools that we're gonna go over later in our modules. But
pulling it together for four topics or four tools, we're going to go over cover the main points that you may see in a certification exam. And if you are super jazzed about this, my recommendation would be to look into more of the classes available here on cyber. So today we know four tools
important for certification, and we're going to go into more depth with ease
and our later modules, starting with our critical path method. So I will see you guys there
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