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I'll come to Francisco CCMP Switch 201 15 Exam Prep Syrians Maybe Mr the Pension Alien entity is every sort we'll focus on private villain.
We can break up a single villain moment in the sun. No means it splits. The primary villain in the multiple isolated work has some new means.
The main villain is known as the primary villain,
and he's gonna forward for him. Is double stream to the secondary villains?
Secondary villains can either be isolated. Our community
ports Letter in an isolated villain cannot communicate with order, isolated or community villains. Except for the promiscuous sport
sports that Aaron community villain,
our reliance can only communicate with other ports in the same community. Villain on leopard Risk your sport.
The promiscuous sport can only serve one primary villain, one isolated wheeler on multiple community villains. The laboratory gateway is usually going to be connected to the switch. Through a promiscuous sport,
you usually mop the primary and secondary villains on the layer to promiscuous sport.
Also, you can configure the muffins of secondary villains on the FBI off the primary villain. If you're doing intervene and rode in
in your switches,
note. the switch. Need to be in transparent or off more. If you're running BTP Voyager one or two
or you need to change DVD before Agent of Origin. Tree on disable VD P prove him
the configure Cuban TVLand. For us, you would define the primary villain.
Then, under the villains off configuration mood, you rented a common private villain primary.
This is gonna and divided, relentless primary. Next, you're gonna create your secondary villain
on under the Reliance on configuration. Would
you're gonna identify the feeling type with the keyword? Pray with Dylan on here, you're gonna choose community.
Next, you're gonna go back on their Damian villain
and then you're gonna associate the secondary villain. So the primary villain with a common prey with villain association
Next, you would go on a date in the fierce up configuration mode manually Cynical man Switchboard mood, Private villain Host.
Finally, on early in the face of configuration mode, you're gonna associate the primary villain with secondary villain by issuing a common switchboard. Private villain Who's association on the Forest Value
is the primary villain on the second value is the secondary villain
to create an isolated villain for us. You're gonna create a primary villain
next under the primary. Leland's Up configuration more. You're going easy to come on. Private villain Primary. This is gonna identify the villain of the primary villain. Next, you're gonna create a secondary villain on honor the villains of configuration Mood. You're gonna identify secondary, real and type as isolated with the keyword private villain isolated.
Next, you're gonna go back on the primary villain on associate, a secondary villain to the primary villain with a common private villain association.
And then you specify the secondary villain next year and Gordon the interferes up configuration mood.
And you really see the command switchboard more prey with villain host. This is gonna configure the port as a whole sport on Finally, you're the city command switch port Private villain hosts association
And you would mop the primary villain, the secondary villain on during the whole sport.
The confirmed a promiscuous sport
for us. Under the interference of configuration, would you decide to command switch port More private villain promiscuous.
Next, you're D. C. To command switchboard. Private villain map in
under forest value represented the primary villain on the second value.
Undeterred values represents the secondary villains.
Fine. Ikan verifying bias in command. Show villain. Private villain.
The conficker on S V a port Every switches support in the villain Rodion.
Under the primary as V I interferes U D c command private villain muffin. And then you would specify the secondary villains under the S V. I subcontract oration Mood. Find your very favorite common show in the face. Private villain Muffin.
I'm gonna bring up a lab. No. So you can see how we would set up private villains. We will configure private Leland on and like or one
I'm gonna create toe secondary villains.
One is going to be an isolated villain would across and Wake worked on the other is going to be a community villain going on t and y axis one. I'm going up there. And why, EJ one.
So in my age, one
on N y Axis one is gonna be in the same community. Villain on N. Y quarto is gonna be in a nice lated villain. I've gone ahead and disable the port between and y axis one and anyway, court to likewise I've disabled classy. 10 23 in the fields went across the Unlike quarto. So for us that we break up and like or one and undefined the primary villain,
we'll create a villain 100 hours. Our primary villain
on the commander's private villain on here would specify primary. This is gonna identifying well, and one in front as a primary, Vreeland next will define or to secondary villains. We learned 200 is gonna be isolated, Villain. And then we're going to use the key word private villain
isolated next. Well, and 300. And it's gonna be a community private villain. Not also I'm running vtb Vortgyn free. Next, I'm going to go back under the primary villain. No, I'm going to use a key word. Private villain association knowingly associate to secondary villains.
Dariel No, we need to do the port assignments for the poor is going up the anti edge one And why court, too
on N y. Access one on a command is switch sport more private, real and host. Next, we need to associate the primary and the secondary villain on the poor going up there and why EJ one Commander switchboard Private villain Host Association on here. We're going to specify the primary villain
Put a space on energy. Unspecified. A secondary villain. In this case, the secondary villain is a community villain. 300.
Next, we need to go to the port, going across the and white court to any city command switchboard. More private villain host. Then we need to associate the primary on the secondary villain to report going across the entire court in this case is gonna beat me on 200 because he said it's gonna be an isolated villain. Next, we need to go to the linguine Long day. And why access one
on? We're going to use the same command switchboard, more private villain horse.
And this time, the horse association
is gonna be real And 300? No, we're going to do the math in under the N v A.
So I'm going to create a villain. 100. I'm going to give it the night. The address in the range that is on a diagram, which is the 1921 16 16.
No, the key word is pray with Dylan
Muffin. We're gonna specify the villains here, so it's gonna be villain 200 on Dylan 300. There we go on. That's all a conflict you need if you're doing in the villain wrote in
Honor the FBI auto verification we could use we could use show villain private villain. Here we can see the primary villain in addition to the secondary villains on the primary and types. Also, we can see the whole sports.
And when you're using in the villain Rodion, we can do the show in the fierce private villain and I mean the Toronto keyword muffin.
And here we can see the FBI, which is real and 100 it has to secondary villains associate ID today as we I. Likewise, if we look at a conflict
for the whole sports, we can see
we have the horse association with a primary and secondary villains.
You know, they should have the switchboard more private villain hosts.
And this is the interface pond *** across the court to weaken. See the isolate villain 200
And this is the interface configuring longer And why access one? We can see it has the community villain 300
picture story interferes going up the n y edge one also has feeling 300 no dealt me. A test is to go wrong thing and I access one and see we could think up there and why EJ one.
And there we have it. We have success, innovation. It can also ping the FBI.
What? It would not be able to ping in white court, too,
so you can see the power of private villains. Now let's try from the N Y court to Zen and why court? Who is unable to Ping and why EJ one eyepiece address, which is a warning to 1 68 16 and one AP. Now, let's see if we can Ping and White Access one, which is the 16 at 7 80 on. We get the same results because and why Court to is an isolated villain.
We're as in wage one,
and then y Axis one is in the same community. Villain,
however, in a week or two
can communicate with the USDA, which is acting as a promiscuous sport.
In this case, I P addresses wanting to 1 68 69 100
so you can see the power off private villains or it. Let's go back to slates.
We have a post assessment question, which commandments the primary and secondary villain or nerd Oh ho sport.
A sweet sport mode
with Will and host
Swissport, Private Villain Host Association, or C.
So it's Port Port Host Villain Association.
On answers be Switch Port Private Villain Hosts Association Annual. Specify the private villain, followed by the secondary villain
In today's lecture, we worked with pride with villain for us. We saw how to create the primary and secondary villains
next week on figure, the whole sports on a promiscuous sport.
Finally, we perform verification
in the next episode will focus on storm control. This is Phil Additional Year one Thank You, which was in Savory.
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