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Video Transcription
Now that we have gone over the navigation inside of beautiful dot ai, we'll be speaking about the slides that have already been created for you. Thes predawn slides consist of your main title slide, learning objectives, prerequisites about me, target audience syllabus, course materials, quiz questions, summary
module title and less entitled slides.
Some of these slides, like the learning objectives, prerequisites about me, target audience syllabus and coarse material slides you will only be using ones
for these. You can just change the tax on the slides to reflect your course information
for your about me slide. You will also be given three image place holders for you to include images of yourself activities that you enjoy to help you engage your students. Other slides like the quiz question module and less entitle slides. You will be using multiple times throughout your course
For these slides. You will be duplicating them and moving them around your presentation to where they're needed.
This will help your workflow, as you won't need to constantly keep remaking the slides when needed, as you can just duplicate the previous one and change the text.
Using these predawn slides creates a sense of cohesion and flow that not only impacts your course, but all courses by instructors using the beautiful dot ai platform.